Walkin' On Sunshine

Hello, hello, dear fiery girls. What a wonderful spring it is outside, huh? 

This morning I woke up with the blog in mind, immediately jumped out of bed, made myself some coffee and opened the white paper. I really love this space here, very much.

I know what I want to "busy" you with on this wonderful, warm and so sunny Friday :) With the shoes! Oh yes! Our new shoes are here and they deserve attention, which we will give them with great pleasure. I'm sure that when I tell them later in the office that I wrote about them, they will be very excited. You know that everything here has a soul. Shoes are no different.

And as it is sung in that popular and so sunny song that I really like and will dance to in a moment: "I am walkin'on sunshine, woowww!", and so do we. And before I go on, I really want to treat you to it, so #enjoy

The dance from you, the shoes from us :)

Read to the end, because tradition commands surprises!

I pass essentially. We are very happy, that's why I want to share a little more about our new "queens", who can't wait to comfortably accompany you on all walks, to give color, line and character to express yourself freely, to accompany you in your work, the fun, the games with the kids, the trips, the vacations and everything, everything else. Do you realize how all those wonderful moments can be spoiled and ruined by one uncomfortable shoe?!

Each model is guaranteed comfort, lightness and freedom, combined with color, design, shape and natural materials that caress gently. And a shoe needs exactly that, so do we girls. Not a walk but a flight, not just steps but a dance...

I'm telling you in all seriousness, they have a soul and what a soul! You will see for yourself :)

We start with Her Majesty the Ballerina!

Open heeled or not, we love them equally.
Suitable for any everyday purpose, and best of all, they are easy to match. Whatever you put on - dress, jeans, trousers, skirt... they suit them. Delicate, feminine, they give the foot and ankle that elegant posture and radiance. We even find them sexy.
We opted for pastel and smoky colors, because they give them an extremely pleasant and charming, at least for us, note and character.
We hope you feel the same way about them. They too.

We continue with the Moccasins!

In three wonderful colors and a great design. Soft, with a delicate coating both inside and out, they become instant favourites. Perfect for urban adventures, work affairs and dancing, of course. They won't let you down, they promise :)

Moving on we get to our awesome Sabo!

Very comfortable and light with a great shape and heel. Mmm, just gorgeous!
For the ladies who love platforms and designs that elongate the figure. A knitted textile surface that breathes with your rhythm.

It's Espadrilles' turn, ooooh!

A great jute platform, soft and subtle on the inside, in lovely colors and laces that we've always found extremely sexy. Shorter ladies have told us more than once that platforms are a great option, and for taller ladies who don't need to elongate, low ones are perfect. Knitted multicolored textile, beautiful design, shape and radiance. They don't need anything else, just feet to please :)
So, fiery girls. We very much hope that they will not only please you and wink, but also fill your days with smiles, comfort and inspiration.
And now, it's time for the surprise.
To every pair of shoes, you can gladly and at half price add a Happy Day T-shirt of your choice. Not for anything else, but to make your days even happier :)
The discount is automatic and valid until 15.04.
We hope to please you.
You can view the entire collection of Shoes here.
And if you need to replace it with another number, one way is at our expense :)
For now, that's it from me, and your shoes are eagerly awaiting!