Why shop at Plámenna?

Hey, hey, fiery girls!

Over time, I realized, and I believe you have realized too, how many superfluous things, clothes and products we have bought, which we use relatively briefly, giving ourselves fleeting happiness and joy. Or we don't use at all...

Is it familiar to you?

I decided to share my point of view about "shopping", and in general, how to shift the direction of shopping so that it becomes really pleasant, reasonable, with care and thought. Not only as a creator of a fashion boutique, but also as an ordinary consumer and user.

      Before Plámenna became a reality, I often went in search of something nice, quality, interesting, different, out of the mainstream (a modern word), "something for me", for my individual style and vision. And at the same time, to enjoy shopping there. I realized there aren't many places like that. So I set myself a goal and promised myself that I would try to make Plámenna into such a pleasant, beautiful and beloved place, with a soul... into an experience... as I understand and like it. I hope I succeed :)

In a few words:

  • The philosophy and idea that pushes and develops us every day is to offer not just clothes and products, but much more - emotion, lifestyle, love. We believe in it!
  • Our collections aim to make your wardrobe attractive, so that, even with fewer but suitable clothes, you are beautiful, natural, fiery. Comfort is just as important as vision - whether working, traveling or relaxing.
  • We try to be in harmony with ourselves and the environment. We carefully select the fabrics and materials we offer you, so that they are mostly natural, organic and of high quality. The task is not easy and it is difficult to achieve this harmony, but we hope that with hard work, the right direction and focus, we can easily realize our ideas in this direction. We are also working on a completely new project "Let's green the planet", which we hope to share very soon. And here you can read more about how, in addition to being beautiful, we can also be responsible.
  • Quality execution combined with the right material give a long life to the garment, which you will wear not just a few times, but several seasons, creating memories and stories with it. It's good and we believe it's reasonable and makes sense.

    • Our packaging is biodegradable, certified and specially made from corn starch. Completely degradable and safe for nature. They can be composted, which means that you can easily dispose of them as household waste without any worries. For meaningful and sensible shopping. Of course, every order arrives at our clients beautifully packaged, with lots of love, but also with a mission. And we think they deserve it. See more on the subject here.
    • We believe that beauty and aesthetics can go hand in hand with social engagement. 3% of the value of each order made at Plámenna Fashion Boutique goes as a donation to the Future Perfect Foundation. The amount raised will be used for the promotion and development of Silna, as well as for other initiatives of the foundation related to the fight against domestic violence. See more here .
    • We send the necessary documentation when ordering entirely electronically, because we believe that it is also unnecessary to waste paper, which could be replaced by an electronic version.
    • Everything we offer is in limited series.
    • Every single product that reaches you is carefully selected, with a lot of love and passion, attitude and attention to every detail. And we put a lot of emotion, but a lot :)
    • We try to ensure that what we offer you is always different, colorful, beautiful and, above all, comfortable.
    • An important point is the personal attitude, which we value very much. We strive to ensure that each of our customers is served with the appropriate attention and focus. To make him feel special, as he really is. We often prepare surprises and gifts for our customers without them expecting and knowing. The effect and feeling after seeing and hearing their reactions is a real pleasure, gives us super strength and motivates us.
    • We have created the Plámenna Club - a loyalty program that aims to tickle and pamper by giving away points and rewards that accumulate from activity on our site. See more here .
    • We aim and would very much like to develop every day, to become better at what we do, not to forget that Plámenna is an emotion, not a business, to delight you with new, interesting and different ideas and products . Because for us, the most important thing is that you shop with pleasure and be happy, no matter how clichéd it sounds :)
    Enough about us because it's time for your rating and opinion. As a brand that has been successfully positioned for 5 years on two markets - Bulgarian and Romanian, although we have no borders, on the occasion of our birthday and the path we have come here, it occurred to us to prepare a short, but valuable and useful survey, with which to give us your feedback and opinion, to share recommendations and wishes. The truth is that we did not expect more than 2000 of you - our loyal and faithful customers - to join.
    And here I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. For everything you have shared, for the wishes, the criticism that is extremely helpful and inspiring, for the presence and attitude.
    Here's a little more about us in numbers and words:
    You rate the quality of our products 4.6 out of 5! Thank you!
    80% of you rate our site as wonderfully organized and easy to use! This makes us very happy!
    You give us a rating of 4.5 out of a maximum of 5 for our environmental policy and diligence.
    You gave us a rating of 4.7 out of a maximum of 5 for your overall shopping experience with us, including after-sales service and using our products.
    Thank you!
    And a few shared wishes from you as a finale from our survey, which deeply moved us, and we cannot pass by easily, so we share them with affection and joy.
    "Keep it up, it's great!"
    "Thanks for having you!"
    "Keep being creative, sunny and positive. That's what the site and social networks exude. Keep your identity. I always check your site when I'm looking for something specific."
    "Keep inspiring people and making them feel wonderful! Thank you for having you!"
    "You offer not just a product, but an experience. Keep up the same attention to detail and special customer service!"
    "Keep creating beauty. You are beautiful!"
    "Always be bright and smiling. Keep your energy and attitude towards life and people, cosmopolitan and free souls. Be healthy and extraordinary, always!"
    "I wish you to continue to charge us with your solar energy and inspire us to be fiery!"
    "You are my favorite place. I look at you even when I am not shopping for mood and positive emotions. You are perfect! Stay like this and be healthy!"
    "Keep up the good work, you are very inspiring, you are very fresh!"
    "I recently discovered you, but after the first shipment I received, I started shopping actively. Keep up the creative and inspiring work!"
    "Lovely patterns, beautiful presentation, sometimes I browse the site during the day just for enjoyment and inspiration!"
    "I opened the boutique three years ago and I am extremely happy about this fact. "Thanks to you, I dared to wear more colorful clothes and especially rookliii. I feel confident and feminine, and I especially like that I often get compliments."
    "Thank you for bringing sunshine and beauty into my everyday life! The things I've purchased make me feel special. Sometimes I just open the site to see a smile, warmth and beauty to warm my soul! Keep up the good work. Good luck !"
    And more, and more... Thank you!

    So, I really hope I touched you, hoping you rediscover yourself in a new world of shopping, as we understand it and like it. We expect you!

    With love!