Hello! This is us. The team behind the whole project.


I am a Flame, and this is my husband Hristo, who supports me in everything helps me and is inseparable behind me and my ideas. He is the body, and I am the spirit - in work and in life.


The brand bears my name because it actually says it all! Over the years, I realized that it is wonderful and fits me perfectly - the temperament, the essence. In a few words: I am a fiery girl, an incorrigible idealist and a dreamer. I believe in miracles, oh yes, and I've always run away from the standard, the typical, the ordinary.

The creation of Plámenna Fashion Boutique was not just an idea that suddenly enlightened me, but a long process and an imaginary picture that I painted in recent years, and which simply found its realization. Every dream come true is a cause for joy and pride, isn't it?


Everything is created with a lot of passion, enthusiasm, soul and love and the idea of ​​a real, different and pleasant shopping experience - sensible and responsible. We do not consider the growth and development of the boutique as a business and only through the prism of sales. Rather, as a focus on finding the right audience that will appreciate, like and understand the soul of the project, and with whom we will write our story together.

Fashion and in general the vision that each of us has is actually a reflection of his inner world, temperament and worldview. Something that has always excited me a lot and that's why I find fashion as interesting as an everyday game in which there are no rules, only imagination. I find solace and comfort in this game. And the best part is that I often see my activity not as a job, but as a real daily therapy.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to work in Italy with various specialists and designers, boutiques. When I gathered the courage and told myself that I would have my own boutique, I decided to use these contacts and create with their help something different, with character and temperament, as I see the world. In fact, my collections, this is ME. Inside and out. I manage to unfold in an interesting way, through the models I present. And without my husband, all this would still be a dream. Thanks to him!

The message and emotion we want to share and convey to our clients is to carry that free spirit, the artistry that every woman has inherently , nothing that sometimes disguise it deliberately, be bolder and bolder in choosing colors, combinations and styles. To be different, which means to be yourself. To rediscover every day. To be fiery. But all this combined with the comfort and softness of natural and quality fabrics, which we hold dear, choosing very carefully and precisely. Our collections and models are in small and limited series to make our customers feel special and unique. We are inspired by art, travel, photography, music. This, of course, has affected our work as it is embedded in every single model and detail.

K quality performance combined with the right material give a long life to the garment that you will wear not just a few times, but several seasons, creating memories and stories with her. It is good and we believe it is reasonable and makes sense. Because we respect our body, we aim for our products to always radiate that freedom and notaddictions that we believe are also our moral values. We also believe that spirit and matter must go hand in hand. That the garment is not an end in itself, but our spiritual business card. And due to its good design and quality workmanship and fabric, we strongly hope that our products will touch you and become your favorite. Everything we offer is in limited series, which makes it unique, rare and special. Every product that reaches you is carefully selected, with a lot of love and passion, attitude and attention to every detail. We are proud that our packaging is certified and biodegradable, specially made from cornstarch. Completely degradable and safe for nature. They can be composted, which means that you can safely dispose of them as household waste without any worries. The topic of environmental pollution is extremely important and we are working hard in this direction. For meaningful and sensible shopping. Of course, each order arrives to our clients beautifully packaged, with a lot of love, but also with a mission. You can read more on the topic here.


We believe that our style will not go unnoticed and we wish you a pleasant shopping! Here are some reasons to trust us that are worth paying attention to here.

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And as we like to say, don't forget to be on fire🔥

We are here to help you achieve it!

Thank you for being with us!