Terms and conditions for organizing promotions and using discount codes

1. Discount codes
1.1. Individual codes: issued at the discretion of Plámenna Fashion Boutique (hereinafter referred to as the Merchant) to specific users, of which the latter are duly notified by email. The conditions of validity and use of the codes are specified by the Merchant for each specific case. An unused code may be terminated early by the merchant at any time without special notification to the customer for whom it was intended.
1.2. Automatic (group) discount codes: generated as part of the merchant's promotional and marketing activities. The conditions for using automatic discounts are announced on the site. Any changes to the terms of use may be made by the merchant at any time, and may not be retroactive and do not require notification to users who have already used the relevant discounts or other forms of rewards.

2. Discounts from the Plámenna Club loyalty program
2.1. Participation in the program requires the creation of a wallet account, through which the value of the purchases of each registered user is reported and on this basis points are generated that can be used for future rewards/discounts at the discretion of the merchant.
2.2. All points that are generated for purchases on the site are counted by the Plámenna Club loyalty program software only from the moment the user profile is created. Purchases that are made without the user having an account created on the site, or in cases where a purchase is made without the user having registered with their account, cannot be used to generate points.
2.3. The principle of generating points is explicitly indicated in the software interface, can be changed without notice and cannot apply retroactively to already generated discount codes.
2.4. The value of the rewards or the amount of discounts that can be obtained as a result of generating a certain number of points is determined by the merchant and is announced in a visible place in the interface of the Plámenna Club software.
2.5. The Merchant may change the types of rewards/amount of discounts for accumulated points at its discretion without expressly notifying Program Participants. The effect of these changes may be retroactive.
2.6. In order to use rewards/discounts in Plámenna Club, the user must explicitly express his desire to do so by using the software interface and select the type of reward/discount type, as well as the points he has.
2.7. A reward once generated under the previous point cannot be canceled and must be used by the user in its form.
2.8. The reward/discount is in the form of a code that is generated by the software and must be saved by the user and then applied in the "Discount Code" field when making a purchase.
2.9. Points are valid for 12 months and generated codes are valid for 2 weeks after they are generated. In the event of a change in these terms, the merchant sends an express notification by email to the club members.
2.10. Users may opt out of participating in the Plámenna Club at any time by deleting their account from the site. After this point, the right to use rewards/discounts is lost, unless codes have already been generated for them.

3. Special promotions with two or more products
3.1. The merchant may announce special promotions that provide discounts when purchasing two or more products. The specific conditions are announced on the merchant's website or in advertisements.
3.2. Unless otherwise stated, in buy-two-pay-the-second-discount discount promotions, the discounted price always applies to the cheaper of the two products. The same rule applies when there is a free product in a promotion - the cheapest product is free.
3.3. In case of returning a product that was part of a special promotion and the act of returning it violates the rules of the promotion, the refund amount to the customer is recalculated without taking into account the discount used. That is, if the customer keeps the discounted product, the terms of the promotion are violated, the discount is canceled and the customer must pay the full value of the withheld product.
3.4. The conditions under the previous point also apply to promotions in which a given product is free, as well as to the return of products that were part of sets and used a special reduced price for the combination (for example, Shop the look collection).

4. In promotions with a free product (Giveaway), the free product can only be exchanged for another size/color, for another product of the same value or for a more expensive one, if the customer pays the difference. A free product cannot be exchanged for its monetary value.

5. General rules for all discount codes, promotions and special offers:
5.1. The site does not allow the simultaneous use and combination of different discount codes - only one type of code can be applied to one purchase.
5.2. If an automatic code has been applied to a purchase, no other codes can be applied.
5.3. All discount codes are only valid for purchases through the plamenna.boutique site and cannot be transferred or applied in other cases, for example, bazaar deals or deals with the merchant's products made on other online platforms.
5.4. Unless otherwise stated, discount codes cannot be used on already discounted products.
5.5. All promotions, discounts and other offers are valid from the moment of their publication on the plamenna.boutique site, the sending of direct email to registered subscribers or the publication of an advertisement and cannot be applied to purchases made before the moment of their actual announcement.