Some reasons to trust Plámenna?

I've been interested in the topic for a long time and I'm always going to write something about it. In time, I realized, and I believe you also have such thoughts, how many unnecessary things, clothes and products we have that we use relatively briefly, delivering fleeting happiness and joy. Or we don't use… at all.

So I decided to share my point of view on the issue of shopping and in general how to shift the direction of shopping so that it becomes reasonable, with attention, thought and meaning. Not only as a fashion boutique owner, but also as a regular consumer and consumer.

Since the launch of Plámenna Fashion Boutique, I admit, I don't have to go shopping for clothes.

Before that, I often went in search of something nice, of quality, interesting, different, outside the mainstream, "something to fit my style and vision". The truth is that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find such places. And it's not just my opinion, I hear it from a lot of ladies around me. A sense of reasonable and correct choice and the need for places that can offer you just that. So, shopping with pleasure!

I will list a few reasons why it is better to shop from a boutique and why to trust us, which are worth paying attention to :

  • Our collections aim to make your wardrobe attractive, so that, even with less but appropriate clothes, you can be beautiful and different. Comfort is just as important as vision - working, traveling or relaxing.
  • It is important for us that our collections are mostly made of natural materials, not only in terms of quality and comfort, but also from ecological.
  • Quality workmanship combined with the right fabric give a long life to the garment that you will wear not just a few times, but several seasons, creating memories and stories with it. It is good and we believe it is reasonable and makes sense.

  • And shopping wisely, you not only help yourself, but also avoid overuse.
  • We are proud that our packaging is biodegradable, certified and specially made from cornstarch. Completely degradable and safe for nature. They can be composted, which means that you can safely dispose of them as household waste without any worries. The topic of environmental pollution is extremely important and we are working hard in this direction. For meaningful and sensible shopping. Of course, each order arrives to our clients beautifully packaged, with a lot of love, but also with a mission. And we think you deserve it. See more on here.
  • We send the necessary documentation when ordering entirely electronically, because we believe that it is also unnecessary to waste paper that could is replaced by an electronic version.
  • Everything we offer is in limited series, which makes it unique, rare and special.
  • Every product that reaches you is carefully selected, with a lot of love and passion, attitude and attention to every detail.
  • We try to always offer what is different, colorful, beautiful and most of all comfortable.
  • An important, very important point is the personal attitude, to which we hold very much. We try to serve each of our clients with the appropriate attention and focus. For us, the most important thing is that shopping is a real pleasure, and we can pamper you. We often prepare surprises and gifts for our customers without expecting and knowing. The effect and the feeling after seeing and hearing their reactions is a real pleasure.
  • With us you will receive stylistic advice completely free of charge, in case you need such or professional intervention. For more see here. Very often, during events and on the bazaars we participate in, clients tell us that they feel insecure about their choice. You want something real and hot, but you're afraid it's not for you,that it doesn't suit you, that you don't know how to combine it. Then, with a little help from us, many ladies gain confidence, allow us to give them solutions and suggestions for different combinations and leave satisfied and satisfied with their purchase. And we are more than happy!
  • We always try to give personal discounts to customers who shop with us regularly, as well as to those who buy more than a few products.
  • Another big plus is online shopping. I always recommend our clients not to hurry, to see what and how they would combine what they bought. And in the end, if they don't make the right choice, they can always return the product.

  • A convenient option for ladies who do not like online shopping is our showroom - part of our office, which can be visited at any time. Just email us, we are always available! And we will be happy to meet you.
  • Our goal is to develop every day, to become better at what we do, to make you happy with new, interesting and different ideas. Because for us the most important thing is for you to shop with pleasure and to be happy!

I really hope I have touched you, hoping to find yourself in a new world of shopping, one that we understand and like. We expect you!

With Love! ❤️