Happy 3 🎉 Happy birthday, Plámenna

Coincidence or not, but exactly on this beautiful date - June 1, we celebrate our birthday 🎉

It all started as a joke 3 years ago. A joke that won us over, turned our world upside down and showed us what it means to be passionate about what you do 🔥

And come to think of it, we're actually celebrating you fiery girls because you created this brand, not us. Thank you with all my heart and soul for being here. ❤️

And like on a holiday, there will be gifts 🎁

All those who placed an order in the period 01-07 June will participate in a raffle for 3 vouchers of BGN 100 each. The winners will be chosen randomly after 20.06.

And happy June 1st! Let's try more often to look through the eyes of a child and enjoy life sincerely, in a childlike way...😊


And here are the winners 🥳