Welcome to Plámenna Club

We started Plámenna Club because we love you and want to make you happy as our current or prospective client. Being a member of the club means you will gather points from your activity on our site.

If you do not have an account yet, you can easily create one and automatically receive welcome points. Yes!

If you already have an account and have purchased from us, you have automatically received your points for in your account.

What are the Points, how do they accumulate and how do you use them?

As mentioned above, you automatically receive 100 points when you register, also you have points added to your account from your past orders.

Every $ spent with us brings you a point. And you could use those points as discounts for your future purchases.

Bonus points are generated for your birthday or if you like our Facebook page or Follow us on Instagram.

You'll find our a widget in the down-right corner of the site which will lead you to the club.

So, you easily, quickly and enjoyably gather points and shop with pleasure 😊

With Love ❤️