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You've probably noticed that this badge has recently appeared on some of the pages on our site. 


All deliveries are carbon neutral
Powered by Shopify Planet


Together with our partners from Shopify (the platform on which our store is built), we are joining forces to engage in a meaningful, important and ongoing commitment to reduce our carbon footprint. 
Planet automatically calculates your shipping emissions, and ensures high-quality carbon removal to neutralize your shipping footprint. Based on this estimate, funds are set aside from each order to finance companies dealing with large-scale and key climate solutions related to long-term decarbonization. This contributions fund cutting-edge carbon removal projects that have the potential to reverse climate change, especially active re-forestation and projects for extracting CO2 from the atmosphere. 


And in this context, we would very much like to give a few useful tips:


  • pay attention to the description of the products and the features related to them, because it often happens that we understand from customers that they order mainly based on photos and appearance, without paying attention to the rest of the information such as dimensions, fit, features, etc. Often, this turns out to be a futile action on both sides, just to see the product. Something that is completely unnecessary and wastes an extraordinary resource, including lots of CO2 emissions for transportation;
  • don't rely too much on the Review and Test option in the courier's offices when shopping. It doesn't give you a real idea if this product is for you, if it will fit you, fits well, fits, etc... In a courier's office, difficult a garment can be measured well. Our advice: take it home, open it calmly, enjoy it, try it on, enjoy the moment, match with whatever you can from the wardrobe and if it doesn't work out, it doesn't fit you or for some other reason decide to  return it to us -  then do so, but only after you have properly evaluated all the details. However, our goal is less CO2 emissions;
  • if you need advice and you do not find concrete and more specific information on the site, but you need it, contact us to specify this, so that you do not receive a product ordered in vain that you do not need or almost certainly do not have be done to you;
  • pay attention to the information you submit to us for delivery, address and other specifics, so that shipments do not have to be rerouted several times and unnecessary resources are again wasted in transport (and respectively CO2 emissions) due to a wrong or inaccurate address.


Every action we take has an impact and every unnecessary movement has a huge impact on our planet. Let us think, act and be more responsible. We believe it makes sense.


With love!
PS! If the subject of ecology is of interest, you can also read the blog post WE LOVE FASHION & WE CARE ABOUT OUR PLANET (PART I)