Our leather products are of incredible quality, Italian design and limited series. We only offer products made of natural leather, carefully selected and carefully processed.

Leather is a flexible, tough, strong, durable and multifunctional material. There are different types of leather: full grain leather, suede, nubuck. The leathers we select and offer are mainly: calf and lamb leather.

Care: In principle, we recommend that you do nothing with the leather of the leather products, but simply let them age naturally and acquire their authentic color of beautiful old leather. There are tanneries that can properly clean and treat leather products. If it is at home, always use a clean piece of cloth, without lint. There are also preparations, pastes and sprays for cleaning and refreshing skin, but before treating, try it in a hidden /internal/ place to see how the skin will react.

We guarantee that you will enjoy them and wear them with pleasure for years. We assure you that they will even age beautifully.

If treated properly, leather products can last a very long time.