Fabric with a dense and soft to the touch texture, which is obtained by a special interweaving of the threads, slightly fluffy on one side, which makes it unique and recognizable to the touch. It is considered a very strong fabric .

It consists of viscose or cotton, rarely of synthetic fibers.

Also an advantage is the fact that it practically does not wrinkle and is very pleasant to the body. It combines well with other materials such as linen, leather, lace, etc.

Care: We recommend hand washing, but it can also be machine washed at a temperature of no more than 30 degrees. Avoid high spin speeds. Do not use a dryer if possible. Iron on low to medium heat.

Do not overdo it with chemical detergents or aim for those of natural origin. It is more environmentally friendly, they preserve the colors and materials for longer, it is also better for our skin.