The natural silk fiber is of exceptional quality, very strong, produced from the cocoon of silkworm larvae. That's why this material has a long life . Soft glow, airiness, feeling of lightness. Silk has several varieties, but especially in clothing, it is easily distinguished and recognized by its smooth and soft surface, luster, falling and captivating airiness, extremely pleasant and beautiful feeling.

That is why silk requires special care.

Care: Machine wash on a delicate cycle for silk items, if you have one, or by hand at a temperature of up to 30-40 degrees. High spin settings are not recommended to avoid creasing. We do not recommend dryer and direct sunlight. We recommend dry cleaning.

Due to the sensitivity of the threads to high temperature, silk should be ironed in a slightly damp state at a lower temperature or with steam.

Do not overdo it with chemical detergents or aim for those of natural origin. It is more environmentally friendly, they preserve the colors and materials for longer, it is also better for our skin.