We love it! Linen is very strong and durable. Ecological. Interestingly, it has special bacteriological properties. A natural antiseptic that kills bacteria and prevents them from living on it. It is made from cellulose threads and fibers extracted from the stems of the flax plant, from which the material is woven. It is difficult to get dirty, does not form fluffy balls, easily absorbs water and dries easily.

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Care: Gentle machine wash at low temperature up to 30 degrees or hand wash in cool water is recommended.

Can be ironed at low to medium temperature. It is advisable to turn the garment over and iron from the inside. It is recommended to wash it separately without a spin cycle.

Do not overdo it with chemical detergents or aim for those of natural origin. It is more environmentally friendly, they preserve the colors and materials for longer, it is also better for our skin.