Organic/Environmental Cotton :

Cotton is recognized as the fabric of life.

Natural material of plant origin. Cotton clothes are hypoallergenic, pleasant to the touch, allow the body to "breathe". Organic cotton is grown in organic farms where clear rules are followed - from seeds to the final production of the fabric, including sewing. Organic cotton is produced and certified in accordance with the standards of the international organization GOTS.

Cotton fibers are the only natural fibers that do not cause allergic reactions and do not irritate the human skin.

Cotton clothes are not only soft but also durable and comfortable.

Care: Cotton products are recommended to be washed by hand, but can also be washed in a washing machine at a temperature of no more than 30-40 degrees. Avoid high spin speeds. Do not use a dryer if possible. Iron on low to medium heat.

Do not overdo it with chemical detergents or aim for those of natural origin. It is more environmentally friendly, they preserve the colors and materials for longer, it is also better for our skin.