Let's travel in style

        Having just returned from a place where we were completely cut off from everyday life in the city, from work and worries, I want to share with you about travel as a way of life. As a natural urge and emotion, a spiritual need to discover and learn about the world as I see and feel it. The world through my eyes. Unknown lands, wild and green latitudes, colorful and different people, other customs and manners, unearthly beauties and immersion in sweet timelessness. But all this in the context of our work. The clothes. Styling while on the road - for a more comfortable trip and for a more spectacular look.

         The way we will choose our wardrobe for a trip is not always an easy task, especially if we want to not overdo it with the amount of luggage and have the right clothes for every situation. When traveling, we should be comfortable and warm above all, because nowhere is air-conditioned to such an extent that I personally am always cold, even on the plane. On a long flight, about 10 hours or more, it is good to think, in addition to a brush and toothpaste at hand, and another set that we will be able to change before or after arrival. In most cases, I personally can't wait to change into climate-appropriate clothes, freshen up and feel good after a grueling flight. It is good to put hand luggage in a compact version that will not take up much space and is relatively light. The handbag should also be tailored to the purpose of the trip, that's why I have chosen for myself the perfect type of "banana" from the "Leather and Bags" collection, which is extremely comfortable and collects everything necessary for the purpose - documents, tissues, wallet, make-up, a small notebook /I always have something to write on hand, I often have to fill out visa documents, etc./ and a small compact first-aid kit that I always carry. I throw it over my shoulder and I have no worries. It also fits any style and is unpretentious, simple and charming.

     In a conversation with an acquaintance a few days ago, we discussed that Bali, where we had escaped for a while, is perhaps a slightly "worn-out destination". I admit, I had similar doubts because the trip is already over available. Even distant and exotic destinations are filled with passengers seeking fleeting pleasure, attractions and resort entertainment. In fact, we came across a heavenly place that captivated us from the moment we landed.

    After an awfully long journey, we arrived in the capital of the island – Denpasar. The airport is so beautiful and exotic that it grabs you right away, you forget how tired you are, you suddenly feel energized and you can't wait to get out and explore everything around.

    A kind and smiling local picked us up from the airport to take us to our chosen location for the next two weeks.  We didn't expect to have another four hour drive ahead of us as the traffic is heavy, especially due to the scooters and motorbikes that are so characteristic of getting around in Asia. We went through a serious mountain section, jungle, bends, steep moors, we even got hit by a storm.

      Eventually we arrived at one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. We were greeted by extremely nice ladies who served us and accommodated us perfectly. The pool in our backyard as well as the outdoor bathroom were the icing on the cake after the long and tiring journey. We have found ourselves in a real corner of paradise at the end of the world, I thought to myself.

   Shaken from the long journey, we could now relax and enjoy everything to the fullest, "get lost" in the jungle that surrounded us. Let's embark on spicy culinary adventures, talk to the local people, hear unheard stories from them, touch the way of life on the island. 

     As for the styling, I bet on linen, silk, cotton.

A few airy and beautiful dresses , you can't do without them, a lovely linen tunic that is also comfortable for the beach, wide linen trousers, comfortable and easy to combine with absolutely everything, a high-waisted linen skirt for long and extravagant sunset walks.

     And so, with each passing day we were more and more surrounded by the island, the wild and virgin nature, the extremely kind and smiling local people. Not to mention the food - it's divine.

    On the way back we had a long layover in Singapore and it worked out great. We had enough time to explore this fabulous place. The dress I am wearing is from our new collection "Spring is here" .

   Traveling gives us a lot!
We wish each other, as well as you, beautiful and sunny travels.

   And don't forget to travel in style, we'll help you with that!

PS If a dress or an outfit really moved you and you want it to be yours, write to us for more information, because some of the products are not available on the site at the moment.