It's December...

The fireplace crackles. It's cozy and warm. Almost idyllic. And my soul is warm. I'm sitting right in front of the fire with a glass of wine (what a cliché, huh) and I'm contemplating the playful flames - entwining waves of orange that wash over me, wash over me... and I relax and relax... it's nice.

I love fire and its power. It unites, gathers, warms, purifies, and it is encoded in my name :) There must be some fateful connection between me and the fire, I think as I look at it. I find it not so much in my love of winter and the fire in the hearth while it is raining outside, as it is now, but more in the fire of the summer sun and its life-giving power. I also find it in my restless and eternally searching soul, in which the flame of faith, hope, that yearning full of adventurous spirit, always ready for new life journeys and interesting stories, always burns.

It's December. Christmas is coming. And as much as I deny that I'm not a balance sheet person, I do. I think we all do it - consciously or not. Looking at the fire, I realize that I don't need a noisy and "festive" December. There is no more precious time than the time spent with your loved ones, with your family. This connection is strong, light, primal. And it should be maintained year-round, not just on holidays. Not that I'm just now realizing it, no, but last year I solidified it, understood it and felt it very clearly, the first time Dad wasn't with us at Christmas. And that bitter feeling of terrible lack. Why do we only realize and appreciate how much we had when we lose it? I miss you dad!

Ohhh, you'll excuse me, I didn't want it to be too touching and pathetic, but I'm clearly moved, I'm writing in one breath, with desire, with love... So I won't edit and rub, I'll let the thought and emotion flow in raw kind of... well, whatever, like that. I'm myself, that's more important to me.

I also think that small gestures of attention, love expressed and demonstrated are the most valuable things in our lives. Let's love each other and be together.

And if there really is something magical about Christmas night, let's try to follow that magic more often and keep it.

And quite in my usual and so characteristic approach, I'm moving from the lyrical to the practical part of things and life, lol, because I want to share with you some ideas and thematic looks that I put together in a hurry and super enthusiastically, great for the upcoming holiday days and evenings. I will be happy if they wink at you playfully and you recognize them as a gift not only for yourself, but also for a loved one. And in this regard, I also think that there is enough time for the preparation of gifts, and for holiday organizations and surprises, and for shopping, and for everything that goes around in our heads and we want to happen (to us). To get rid of stress, tension, hurrying, running... it still seems to me that they are completely unnecessary. Let's take it easy and dive into the good days ahead. I remind myself of it too :)

I jump impatiently to the stylistics, that again I behaved very ... oooh, and not to forget. A festive surprise awaits you with every look. Follow the text.

Christmas in green. A wonderful combination of Oversize Warm & Cozy sweater in combination with Velvet Soleil skirt-pants . I've added a Blue Green accessory for opulence, of course.

Knits are a great gift idea. I've always had a special relationship with them and I think it's a great and kind gesture to give a warm and soft hug.

The good news is that when you buy two products from this set you get 15% off with code XMAS2, and when you buy three you get 20% off with code XMAS3.

We hope we make you happy :)

Christmas in the Oversize Warm & Cozy Sweater and the fabulous Shiny Winter Skirt-Pants.

And here I have added an accessory - Orange Lila

Jewelry and accessories are also a great gift idea.

The good news is that here again when you buy two products from this set you get 15% off with code XMAS2 and when you buy three you get 20% off with code XMAS3.

Comfortable, practical, cozy. A combination of the Sweetie Short Cardigan and my favorite City Star Skirt. I don't miss an accessory here either, and it is the Orange Chain Necklace.

XMAS2 -15%, XMAS3-20%, Applies to this set too :)

Soft Touch sweater.

This sweater is very Christmassy to me, honestly! Yes, there are no reindeer and Santa Claus, but it has everything else to make you feel perfect in it :)

And red choprapis are mandatory in this case :)

The most Christmassy possible London Special Plaid Dress and the fabulous and super soft Winter Sunshine Polo Jumper

Don't ask me where my hat is from because I have no idea :)

All I know is that she has a sense of humor and spirit, and maybe I'm a little funny with her. I'll wear it though :))

You haven't forgotten, have you? XMAS2-15% XMAS3-20%

Valid for all combinations listed in this blog post.

Lovely Dress in the company of Oversize Sweater Green

XMAS2-15%, XMAS3-20%

I really like this combination. I love polo shirts that pair so well with jewelry. In the case of focus are Oversize Sweater White and Gerdan Silver Drops . And the Shine & Sexy Soleil Skirt is perfect for the occasion.

XMAS2-15%, XMAS3-20%

Those pearls, with that blazer, with that exact skirt! Yes Yes Yes!

Shine & Sexy skirt , Urban Black blazer , Winter Pearls girdle

XMAS2-15%, XMAS3-20%

Well, I will also say that I really like this combination.

Londonize skirt-pants , Urban Black blazer , Red Snake thin belt

Leather belts are also a great gift alternative. Personally, I would be very happy with a nice leather belt, given with care and attention. And besides being super practical, they are also different.

XMAS2-15%, XMAS3-20%

Warmie Winter knitted dress and the super soft and gentle hug of the Soft Pooh Shawl . I also use it as a blanket, it does a great job :)

A brief epitome of a calm, warm and cozy December morning. I wish we had more of these.

XMAS2-15%, XMAS3-20%

Warmie Winter Knit Dress in her other lovely color. Again in the wonderful company of Shawl Soft Pooh.

XMAS2-15%, XMAS3-20%

For walks and fresh air outside, the super cool Loving Pooh Jacket comes into play.

I really wanted to take a picture of a raccoon - the guardian of the house, but he ran away somewhere... I love dogs, but I still don't have one. Maybe that's exactly what I want for 2023 :))

XMAS2-15%, XMAS3-20%

Loving Pooh jacket in his other wonderful color.

XMAS2-15%, XMAS3-20%

So, fiery girls. I hope you winked and smiled at my quick and improvised looks and antics, I hope I fired at least a little your imagination for holiday ideas, combinations and gifts.

I wish you to love, appreciate and take care of yourself. I wish the same for myself.

Nice, warm and united holidays!

With love!