Sunday! The time is 7:04.
I woke up relaxed, sleepy. We had a wonderful Saturday yesterday, among the divine autumn palette of nature and the Balkans in a cozy rural setting with good friends, which I found intoxicating and invigorating. That's what I needed.



I jumped nimbly, but delicately and quietly out of bed so as not to wake my other half. I enjoy him for a few minutes while he sleeps. I love watching him, listening to his even breathing, and my soul is filled with love. I can't even find the right words to describe it, it's so...chillingly good. Just to love... God, thank you for this incomparable feeling, I whisper to myself.
I'm not one for sleepiness, never have been. As a kid I was always up super early, full of energy and waking everyone up at home lol. How selfish of me, I tell myself today with a smile :) I don't do it anymore, honestly.
Well, getting up early in the morning, especially on Sundays, is my favorite. My quiet time I tell him. The city is sleeping, you can feel it. The cup of coffee already bewitches me with its rich aroma, I quietly put on Jamiroquai, sit comfortably at the dining table, open the computer, and my blog whispers and tugs. I confess, in recent weeks I had neglected and abandoned it, but such a whirlwind of work had turned me around that I really did not find the strength, time and muse to write. And as I have said before, the blog is not an obligation, but rather for entertainment and pleasure. I would like it to stay that way.
Thank you for being here!
So what's going on the last few weeks? Both everything and nothing lol. It depends how you look at it.
Starting with the preparation of the fall collection SHINY AUTUMN in August and September, about which I was not able to say a word here, but I really wanted to, then up to the very fresh COLORS OF WINTER .
Three months of hard work, emotional challenges, difficulties, fears, apprehensions, falling, getting up, lessons, lessons. Nothing new under the sun, as they say. Anyway, thank you for everything, because I know that in the end, in the selenium layers, they are rearranged, charged with new energy, ready to dance and vibrate with new frequencies in our favor - always!
And this hypersensitive and fiery soul of mine, self-criticism and self-absorption will finish me off one day, I tell you :) It's good that the child in me is there to pull me out of the holes and states into which I sink sometimes. And my husband :) Sometimes I'm like a bomb, ready to explode, hit and burn everything around me, whatever happens.
Enough of my philosophizing, I'm jumping in quickly to tell you more about the COLORS OF WINTER collection. Fantasies, emotions, dreams. Warmth, love, softness and a cozy hug. A combination of colors, materials, freedom, comfort and practicality. That's her for us. We'd love for you to feel the same way. We've also added a touch of glamour, bare backs and a sexy vibe, because who said the winter season is boring and grey?! No, there is no such thing...
I'll start with my favorite shot, you'll excuse me if you've already seen it here and there on our social media profiles, but I'll leave it here too :)


Dress Sexy Red

Dress Sexy Grey

And this is her other color. Super comfortable, practical and I would say playfully interesting in its own way. And the material is soft and extremely pleasant. For me, it is the perfect dress for weekend parties, walks and a good time.


Lady Violet coat

Coats in great colors and fabrics, very clear!

This is how we understand winter. Colorful, fresh and beautiful.

And I remember: what is inside, what is outside! In this case, I'll take the liberty of using it backwards...


Urban Glamor coat

A different, double sided and super cool coat :)


Lady Blue coat


The awesome Soleil Brown skirt

Let me not forget to say here that when buying the whole set, the shirt from the photos is a gift from us :) It applies to both colors of the skirt and the sweater. We hope we make you happy because that's the point :)


Winter Soleil skirt-pants

And how comfortable and cool these pants are! And so, in combination with warm sweaters, we imagine it.

You can take a look at all the models from the collection here.


Of course, I can't help but pay attention to the Pletiva collection , which occupies a place of honor, especially during the cold months. And I love knitting in general. Here are some models:


Sweater Love

Full of color, emotions and love.


Winter Sun Oversized Sweater

Oversize sweaters that warm and delight like the sun. We can combine at will, they look great with a shirt underneath.


Oversize Warm & Cozy sweater

And those with a great voluminous polo!


Warmie Winter Knitted Dress

And knit dresses that are so soft, super comfy and practical!


Oversize Sweater Gray


See the entire Knitwear collection here.


And whoop, we've reached the Accessories collection. Do not neglect them, because they are an important accent, they give additional charm, character and mood to the outfit. As I like to say: for luxury, add an accessory :)

We have some great new additions that you can check out here.


Fuchsia Chain Necklace


I can't just pass by the Bags and Belts collection, which is very special to us, because our leather products are of high quality, very good Italian design and craftsmanship, and we are sure that you will enjoy them and wear them with pleasure for years. All products are in very limited series, which makes them even more special. On top of that, they're in color, like everything else :)

I leave a link to it here.



Well, that's about it from me (for now). The beloved woke up, clicked around, Sunday is half over, I'll make a second coffee, I'll have to come up with something for lunch, and the sun is calling for a walk outside.

And know that we love you very much, mhm. And we talk about you all the time, especially me. I keep picturing you looking at the site, getting your order, eagerly opening it, enjoying it, wearing your dresses with ruffles, putting on your warm sweater in the morning for work, reading this right now while you're drinking too the second coffee, how you laugh at the antics and nonsense I share from time to time, etc., etc.…

And again, thank you for being here!

Be ardent and healthy. And remember, it's all love! I wish you all the best!

With love,