I'm passionate 🔥

It all starts with the wardrobe. Yes, yes! Exactly. It best complements our character and individuality, our worldview, intellect and spiritual radiance. A woman's wardrobe is every woman's opportunity to stand out and make a lasting impression.

Have you ever, for as long as you can remember, known, subconsciously of course, that your predestination was this or that? Something follows you and "reminds" you that....yes..., despite the deviations from the path, you must return to it, because it is destined for you and something is waiting for you there. Well, something like that happened to me. No matter what I've done, it always finds points of contact with fashion, design, vision. Wherever I go, I am attracted not by the ordinary, the banal, but by the different, the non-standard and the atypical. I try to convey it as I feel it in different ways - from vision to the word when it comes to me, to reflect it through the camera in photos to capture the moment, the movement, the state. Not only in what surrounds us, but also in people.

And finally, more inspired than ever, I yielded to that impulse that never leaves me and that gives me direction and faith that burns. I trusted him and decided.

With great joy and enthusiasm, I created my own boutique and a place where my soul can breathe freely, try at will, experiment, challenge myself, be myself... and now the dream blog to go with it. Because apart from my passion for fashion and design, I also love words.

Hello, it's me Pl !

I dream of turning all this into magic that captivates and delights not only me, but you too. A platform where you will be able to enjoy shopping and rediscover yourself, but also immerse yourself in stories, stories and photos about everything that excites me from everyday life and life.

So, it will be an adventure, at least for me, that I go down bravely and with a lot of love.

See you soon!

And don't forget to be fiery!

Love from me!