Code: Natural fabrics!

I start with a topic that is important and essential to the products we offer, and in principle. Namely - the natural and high-quality materials and fabrics. It is important for us to offer just such, that is why we travel to Italy to examine, touch and evaluate every single product that we will offer you from our collections - precisely and carefully.

The materials of the clothes we wear, especially those that come into direct contact with our skin, have an impact on our health and comfort.
Natural materials are of plant origin and the human body feels best in them. Especially when they have direct contact with our skin. Natural materials allow our body to breathe, do not retain sweat and do not cause redness, rashes and allergies. But on the other hand, they are a bit more demanding and capricious compared to artificial materials. They wrinkle, shrink at higher wash temperatures, and fade over time. Everything has a price, as we know.

Natural fabrics are cotton, silk, linen, wool, cashmere, viscose, which is obtained from natural cellulose fibers and can enter this group. Especially comfortable, light and pleasant for the summer, does not crumple and does not burn. Personally, I like it very much on hot summer days. Colorful, comfortable and wide...for a free and beautiful summer.

Linen is extremely good for summer. Yes, it does wrinkle, but it's so fitting, comfortable and makes the look extremely beautiful. My favorites are the loose linen dresses from our linen collection that I can wear anytime and feel great and comfortable in.

We guarantee you comfort, quality, a beautiful and different look.

Recognizing natural materials is extremely easy at first sight or touch, but there are cases where great experience and knowledge is required. Given the wide variety, this is becoming increasingly difficult. If you still want to try, take a piece of cloth or textile thread and light it. Cotton, linen and viscose are flammable, self-extinguishing and emit a burning paper smell, leaving a fine ash after burning. Wool and silk are also highly flammable, self-extinguishing, and give off an overcoat odor. Polyester is non-flammable, shrinks, softens and melts in the flame, leaving a hard black ball. Other synthetic materials react in a similar way.

I hope I have been useful with the information presented.

Expect me to tell you about our trip to Italy, the photos and everything interesting about our Plámenna Fashion Boutique Summer project!