With love for skirt-pants

For a long time I have had the idea of ​​praising this wonderful creation - the skirt-pants.
Yes, Her Majesty The dress remains one of a kind, I know, and I hope you don't mind me, but... I want to share how much and why I love poly-pants in all their forms and varieties.
I told them yesterday at the office that I was going to write for them and they got really excited. They even turned up their noses a little, lol.
You may find it funny or ridiculous that I talk to them (I have been like this since I was little), but for me, every garment is alive, carries a soul, has its own energy, radiance, character, claims, demands, needs attitude, care and love. Like all of us.

Blue Flash skirt-pants

Well, as I sit here meekly and rummage through the thick books, quite spontaneously, supposedly to myself, supposedly to him, a thought creeps in with a voice: well, these skirt-pants are so comfortable and cool that I'll wear them at home too .

Him: that's fine to tell your audience, not me lol.

Here I tell you! :)

Why do I actually love poly-pants so much?!

(Read till the end because surprises await you)

There are many reasons. We hit it off in earnest quite a few years ago when I was still searching for my style (and myself) and trying to find the right cut to fit my body so that it would cover my then-ashamed breeches, tummy and upper thighs a part (especially), not to drink and describe me, to be comfortable and full of freedom, but also to look good, so that I can walk confidently and carefree, no matter what I do and where I am.

That's when I realized that the skirt-trousers are great and meet all my needs. In addition, it has an incredible variety of cuts and designs and takes pride of place in the wardrobe.

Skirt-pants Stylish Green

Advantages: I will write only about them, because I do not know any disadvantages.

  • Wide legs: In addition to the freedom they give, they also look very nice, especially if they are in a color and in the company of a nice material. They can be airy and light, but they can be heavy and bulky. Of course, it's a matter of taste and preference. I wear a lot of everything. They have the ability to make the legs slimmer, longer and finer and to cover up areas that we are not comfortable with when they are on display with something soaked on us. Longer legs elongate the body and legs, go with high heels and look super sexy. They carry that special and charismatic look of a free, stylish and confident woman. Shorter leggings (they wake up my girlish self) can easily be combined with ankle boots, high colorful socks/pantyhose, sneakers, bare feet... as your heart desires :) Everything suits them.

Golden Sunrise skirt-trousers

  • High waist with or without elastic: One of its biggest advantages is the line that shapes and elongates the legs (again). It makes the waist slim and gives it an even more gentle, feminine and beautiful posture. It allows for shorter blouses, fitted shirts, bustiers and anything you can think of, cleverly concealing the tummy and all :) I admit, this is the biggest advantage for me because I have a slim waist, but I also have a tummy , that's my structure, especially if I've eaten a lot :)

Creamy White skirt-pants

  • The Convenience: I wonder if I should have put this in the first place, but I won't move now. It's clear that comfort is as important as looks, looks, style and everything else. I don't have a skirt-pants that doesn't bring me joy and comfort, whether I'm working, traveling or out with friends. I prefer cuts with elastic in the waist, they are the most comfortable for me because they are stretchy and take the shape of the waist perfectly.

Pinky skirt-pants

  • Match with ease: Yes! Even if the cut of the skirt-trousers is simpler or plain, adding the right top, a colorful and interesting shirt or polo, accessories or jewelry for opulence, things instantly take on a new character. In short, polo pants offer endless possibilities for combinations and styles. So go ahead :)

Skirt-pants Stylish Blue

Once you put on a comfortable and to your taste skirt-pants, I'm sure you'll fall in love with it instantly. I have a friend who claimed that she didn't like cuts like that and she was very upset until she agreed to try one day and guess what... she has five now :)

Olive skirt-trousers

The skirt-trousers combine the aesthetics and femininity of the skirt with the comfort and practicality of the trousers. Stylish, eye-catching, inspiring and reassuring. For me personally, it remains an eternal classic choice that will never go out of style and will always remain a symbol of elegance and sophistication.

If you haven't checked out our new Symphony Of Colors collection yet, you can do so here.

I hope that I have been at least a little helpful and that those of you who have not gotten to know the skirt-trousers up to now, will try and trust it. I'll be happy if you share afterwards.

Choose colors and cuts with flair, fiery girls, and express yourself boldly. It doesn't matter at all , who thinks what, whether they approve and like you.

The most important thing is to put the need for personal satisfaction first. Everything else comes easily. It is not easy, but it can be achieved with a little effort and persistence, I say this from personal experience.

And what is the surprise?

For each skirt-pants, you get 10% discount until 19.02., and if you add a top (t-shirt, blouse, shirt...), you get 15% :)

The discount is automatic. Add to cart and see the reduced price.

To the skirt-pants.

To Top.

We hope to make you happy and smile!

For now, that's it from me, and the poly-pants are eagerly awaiting you!