Give with love Xmas Gifts 🎁

I remember vividly, as if it were yesterday, how last year at the same time I opened the white sheet here and was about to write the same lines that I will write now. How quickly and imperceptibly it went down this year too... a sigh follows.

With age, time seems to run faster and faster. And I have shared another time that I am not one of those people who go to extremes and excessive euphoria around December and Christmas. I see no point. I try to make it a time in which we calmly and nicely organize the desired gifts and everything related to the preparation of what we want to happen to us. No rush, no stress, no "musts", no "shoulds"... and still be festive, fun and memorable.

On that note, I'm excited to share with you what's in store in our Xmas Gifts section this year, and of course, if I can be of any help in choosing gifts for the upcoming holidays, I'll be more than happy. But before that, I want to remind ourselves to start with ourselves. It is important to take care of ourselves first and foremost because we deserve it. You'll agree with me, right?! And then let's treat all other beloved women with love and attention - mom, sister, cousin, grandmother, friends, colleagues... for anyone who is in your mind, whom you love and want to please with something beautiful, meaningful, useful, practical. I strongly believe that choosing a gift, as well as receiving it, regardless of the occasion, is not just an object, but above all an emotion, and it is desirable that it is a pleasant experience, not the other way around. After all, we do it to please someone, not out of obligation. It is good not to forget it. The attitude and attention in these moments are not only an expression of love, but also of gratitude to the people around us, full of emotion, priceless and memorable.

We've made sure they're festively packaged, with a message, ready to surprise and delight. So, make your choice and leave the rest to us :)

Let's start!

Give a Jewel

Always in fashion.

Almost every woman loves, wears and appreciates jewelry. A budget gift that is sure to please and doesn't fall prey to clichés. On the contrary. I will warm and smile every day.

See all jewelery in the Xmas Gifts section here.

Give a beautiful and sophisticated gift from our special leather series

Leather glasses case

Personally, I would be very happy with such a practical and useful gift.

The leather is natural, extremely beautiful, pleasant and fine to the touch, with a wonderful design and quality. It comes in two more gorgeous colors.

Stylish leather wallet

A wallet is another great gift alternative.

Impeccable Italian craftsmanship, genuine leather and good design. Loaded with compartments for credit cards, bills, a zip pocket for coins and great, really great color - both inside and out. The wallet, in addition to the festive packaging, comes with its own box. It is available in two more color options. See other models here.

Important: The wallet has RFID/NFC protection - protection against remote withdrawal of bank cards.


Elegant, beautiful and warm. A length that looks captivatingly beautiful with both outerwear and everything else, perfect for accenting an outfit. Beautiful Italian craftsmanship and design.

They have a special textile on the index finger, for easier and more comfortable work with the touchscreen of your phone without taking them off.

Give a stylish belt with color and design

See all textile belts here

Give a beautiful leather belt

Vintage Timeless Leather

See all leather belts here.

Give a warm, soft and beautiful scarf

You can view the entire Xmas Gifts section here.

So, dear girls, I hope I was at least a little bit helpful and you managed to find a beautiful and practical gift. Oh, not to forget: we deliver in a day :)

If you are not sure about choosing a gift and are still hesitating whether you will make the right choice, a good friend comes to your aid: Gift Card

A great option for any occasion - Christmas, Birthday, Name Day or any other personal celebration. Have we taken care of everything :) The amounts vary from BGN 50 to BGN 300. See more here.

Enjoy yourself, take your time, don't overload yourself and do mostly what you need. I tell myself that too :)

I wish you a beautiful and peaceful December.

With love,