2022 in short

It was a good year! I am grateful for everything that happened to us. There was joy, successes, sorrows, problems, difficulties, roars, several times I was on the verge of giving up even. I realized and confirmed once again that intuition is the best and caring friend we can have. We just have to relax and boldly let it guide us…
I also realized how important a path I travel through my work and activities. It taught me to be more natural than ever without being afraid from this, to rediscover myself, get to know, accept...
I also realized something else once again. You must first give to receive. It is!
And satisfaction is the most beautiful feeling possible. And yes, success is important, but more important is the path and process to it.
THANK YOU for being with us this past year!
You are Plámenna, not us! ❤️
And here I want to thank myself too! It turned out to be a long and thorny road for me to realize it and start practicing it, but it is very important to have the courage to value and respect each other, to appreciate the work and efforts we make every day.
Love and a happy welcome to 2023!