A/W'19/20 #inspiration

The freedom to choose, to change, to travel, to be new, to be daring, to be different and artistic, to be changed, but to be yourself, to be brave, to be beautiful, fiery, fiery.... to live the life that suits you and you want. To dream and make it come true!

     These are the messages of the new A/W'19/20 collection, which is inspired by the idea of ​​being who you want to be, through free choice and your sense of comfort. That's why we chose this concept and vision for our photo shoot. Travel and related preparation, excitement and anticipation, travel as a general change in life - change of place, job, city, country... a new beginning. I love movement, travel, new perceptions and impressions, thanks to which I always return new, recharged, inspired and different. I guess you too?!

    The patterns, colors and cuts we've gone for are once again full of colour, the season's signature velvet, must-have coats, skirt-trousers with character, warm and soft knits...oh, I'd forget about the dresses and skirts that are accented with lots of print, lace, pleats and sequins....

And speaking of sequins, we have prepared a surprise for you with lots of glitter...wait!

I can't wait to tell you a little more about our models.

I'll start with the dresses , which this time are airy and colorful, with pockets and belts , that's how we love them. I guess you already know that this is a distinctive feature of our collections, right?

In addition to prints and great fabrics, you'll also find asymmetric lengths as well as temptations in a short version like this lovely dress here paired with a wide belt in red.

High-quality cotton and a great autumn color combined with pockets and a belt. For everyday life filled with beauty and style.

     Corduroy pants are my favorite. They look beautiful, they are on trend and extremely comfortable, they go perfectly with everything, and especially sneakers are my favorite. Not to forget the high-waisted trousers and classic jeans. And they are gorgeous!

A perfect option that will give you the opportunity to break the working routine, to stand out in the office with a chic and different look. We offer you a whole set of high-waisted trousers and a colorful plush belt with a lovely white and stylish shirt . And the best thing is that when you buy two products, the price drops by 15%. Worth!

   The well- loved knits , which we offer this time as well, caress the body with their softness, coziness and comfort.  Our sweaters and cardigans are easy to match with whatever you want - they always look elegant. They can be worn anywhere - be sure that they will notice you, because beauty always impresses.

The delicate and elegant polo sweater is a wardrobe must-have. There is always something to match, it is suitable for any occasion and it really makes the look beautiful and elegant. We offer it in two colors for you to choose from.

Short sweater with voluminous polo collar combined with pleats ? This season is a hit. And it really looks great. We offer you such a combination.

The warm, soft and practical vests that come into use all year round. Whether with a dress and boots, jeans and shirt, jeans and sneakers, they are simply wonderful.

The skirts are more than interesting, not only with print and airiness, but also with an accent of sequins, lace, pleats ... we offer you two such options. In combination with a T-shirt, sneakers, vest or with a voluminous sweater. For a free and artistic urban spirit.

     The coats are very chic and beautifully crafted. We have again bet on softness /they are really very soft to the touch, I assure you/. A print from the animal world is present again in the form of a rather extravagant coat with a furry effect. The icing on the cake is a plush coat in pearl opal green , and the lining is just amazing. You can't resist him...

You can sink into them.

I will also share the only jacket in the collection , but what a jacket! Bold, colorful and bold. For those of you who boldly wear color and like to experiment.

      Not to forget Bags and belts . We have prepared several of them with quality workmanship and natural materials.

You add luxury and your vision is complete – wonderful, stylish, different, artistic.


A different and rare genuine leather fringe belt.

As for scarves - always have one on hand.

     And did you find your message? Did you recognize yourself in the colors and cuts of our models? I'd love to know :)

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