It's autumn...

       Yes, summer is over, although many of us wish the warm and carefree vacation days were still here, to continue enjoying the hot sun and beachy emotions. But autumn has come and we must accept it. You can already feel it - vacations are over, we are starting the new work wave, routine duties are pressing us. On the other hand, nature also changes its face, changes its clothes, sheds its summer clothes to quiet down in anticipation of another miracle of transformation in spring. It's the same with people... Autumn is a time for change, for a new beginning...

        Invariably, with the new season, we want to be different, with a new vision. And what better solution than a wardrobe change as part of this process!? I personally love it because as much as I love summer, there comes a time when I can't wait to put on a warm and soft cardigan, a nice coat or sunk into a loose, comfy sweater……       

       Therefore, I will tell you a little more about our colorful autumn collection , which will diversify your wardrobe and make your look wonderful for sure.

           Our designs are again diverse, extremely colorful, with unconventional cuts and, of course, a mix of quality Italian fabrics that we hold dear. That is why we collected them in three main themes : " Bohemian autumn ", " Golden autumn " and " Checks and knits ". As we see and imagine autumn.

        " Bohemian Autumn " is a collection for lovers of bohemian style, saturated with color and print, daring, created for people with a free and artistic urban spirit. Non-standard cuts, veils combined with accessories and character.

        The " Golden Autumn " collection is a gentle line and it is not accidentally called that because it is dyed in the golden colors of autumn, with suitable fabrics and cuts that make the look elegant, chic and remarkable. Light and airy pleats in wonderful colors - pants and skirts, so current are non-fatiguing, sweaters and blouses that you will wear with pleasure. And the softness and comfort of wool and cashmere coats is the icing on the cake in this collection.

     It's the turn of " Checks and knits ". Also extremely interesting in its own way. Plaid is not only trendy, but it's beautiful, mix-and-match, and we love it. As for the knits, ah, the knits. Cardigans with color and character, a knitted dress with a polo in three colors, and in combination with an accessory or a belt captivates. Don't miss adding one of them to your wardrobe. You will not regret this.

        Not to forget the " Accessories " collection, in which you will find offers of warm woolen scarves, beautiful necklaces, as well as extremely beautiful bags made of natural leather, which are distinguished both by their appearance and by very good Italian craftsmanship. Specially selected for you, with care and love.

We let you warm up in our collections, if you haven't already, and don't forget to be fiery , even in autumn! 🔥