I've had the idea of ​​sharing some backstage shots and moments of our work process with you for a long time. So, let's have a little laugh together, and I'm extremely pleased to share with you not only about our work, but also about ourselves. After all, we are very ordinary people, with very ordinary habits, habits, problems, fears, apprehensions, joys, and it is good and useful for a person to look with irony at himself and at what he does and not to be taken too seriously, to find the spicy and funny when sometimes it is not at all.

Recently, an acquaintance told me that everything seems very pleasant, light and fun in our activity and in her eyes it seems super easy, which makes me happy, because in the end it is important what feeling and emotion you leave behind. But in fact, the process is very difficult, full of patience, work and more work, improvement every day and a lot of focus, attention and love is required to continue and develop. From time to time you want to give up because you don't find strength and faith, but... we're not yet :) Sometimes we work sick, tired, in difficult weather conditions (it's cold, windy, hot), we travel a long way , we don't sleep, we fight, we get angry, then we make up, we argue... but at the end of the day we always find harmony, because love leads us, the direction is one and we walk it together, holding hands tightly, no matter what happens. A team at work and in life. A lot of technical knowledge and specifics are required behind the site, behind the lens as well. For example, I'm not a model, never have been, and a while ago I was worried about photos, quite seriously. I thought I looked bad and couldn't pose in front of a camera. I even have such flaws as a tummy, I don't have tight and perfect legs, I have a butt, etc., but I'm myself and that's enough for me. And here the most interesting thing for both of us is that the moment I put on a particular dress, it's as if something in me turned around and I said to myself: I'll be photographed! And some power overcame me and I began to do it with such love and joy. So did my husband and the camera. You just said to yourself: I will take pictures! And it started. And before that he didn't take pictures, he just had a cursory knowledge. Nothing happens by chance in this life, girls, nothing! We admit it, maybe at the beginning the photos were not wow to us, maybe they are not now, but we assure you that we are making a huge effort, reading, attending seminars, learning, enriching ourselves and putting all our soul and energy to it worked out, or at least to be able to express and show things the way we like them. Yes, it is difficult to work without a team because we do absolutely everything by ourselves, but every day is a real adventure and we are grateful for it.

Hope we are doing well, your rating is our biggest motivation and inspiration.

Now let's have a laugh with some shots.

He is angry with me here. On top of that, I got sunburned for the second time lol!

And here I am with sore tonsils, I caught a cold from the strong wind, despite the sun, and I'm in a lot of pain. I stop to pose, but apparently it's so obvious to me that he told me: come on now, I know it hurts and it's not easy, but we need a little smile and mood :) Done! You've got them, I say! :)

Here he made me angry and I told him: I will scream! And he: give it to me! :)

Here I am grumpy and sorry because the wind was blowing and my hair was blowing all over the place and I had the feeling that the photos wouldn't work. Him: wait for me to take a picture of you so you can see how grumpy you are :) Of course that didn't help lol!

When we're shooting in the field and I don't have a big mirror to look at, I change in the car and drive it to: shoot me from behind to see if it's okay :)

I don't know what exactly I'm trying to do here, but I was clicked because I'm funny probably :)

And how we just laughed here! I want to shoot three dresses on the sand, but it turns out that one is on me and I have to take it off. However, I remain naked because we dumped the rest of the stuff in the car, which is far away. I remembered that I had a scarf in my bag that saved me. On top of that, I'm already burnt out :)

When we're traveling and we're always looking for places to take pictures. Continuous process. We try, we feel the soil, the light, we improvise and judge whether we like it or not. That doesn't happen here, lol :)

When we have passed over 1000 km on the way to Italy and we have already smoked from the road :)

Here I thought if I climbed the tree it would make for some great footage haha ​​yeah but no. On top of that, I'm barefoot and I impaled myself in several places on my feet. Of course, he laughed at me a lot from the side and obviously took a picture of me :) And a little earlier I was stung by a wasp and it was painful... :(

And I'm really having fun here :)

So, dear girls, nothing is impossible, I want to tell you in summary, do not forget it! Just boldly forward! Worth!

Hope we made you laugh :)

Love from us!