A little bit of autumn, a little bit of fashion and a... dog

It's been a while since my last blog post. I missed writing. There were many reasons - busy daily work, challenges, problems, fatigue, somewhat lack of inspiration, motivation and personal transformation. And I don't write by obligation, just because I HAVE to. No! For me, blogging is a special place where I relax, share, develop ideas, myself, and it has always been meant to be fun rather than an obligation. To be able to find the benefits of my work, to try to turn them into entertainment when I can, or in other words - to combine the useful with the pleasant.

On this photo I wear Black Crystals Dress in combination with Short Cardigan Pinky

This is exactly what happened while I had the idea of ​​how good it would be to take a break when he wanted or needed, especially during the week. A day to sleep. A day to do nothing. A day for peace of mind. Just sitting and wandering, breathing, dreaming, feeling good, relaxing and forgetting that the day is racing, that everything "outside" is too important (and it is not), that everyone is in a hurry, that you have a lot a job that can be done tomorrow, that you need yourself and how nice it would be to enjoy THIS TIME. A day for a long walk, a day in the park with coffee in hand, reading, and why not with a dog 🙂 Here I immediately insert that in addition to fashion, design and words, I love dogs - a lot ❤️

One of my favourite combinations: Orange Autumn Coat , Orange Lilly Dress и Eye-catching Suede Belt

And I gave it to myself - that day. We had fun, both me and the dog Marcel, who is a member of our family. And in order to mix business with pleasure, I came up with the idea to give you some fresh, colorful and comfortable autumn outfits, with which I celebrate autumn and I really like it. For this purpose, I captured them in several photos. I believe you like the outfits as they are made with passion. And most of all, I want to challenge you to combine boldly, to seek and find the magic of clothing every day, to rediscover and create your own style - with confidence. Always bear in mind that with some imagination, a touch of mood and desire, we can achieve a lot.

And as a finale, I want to remind you: don't delay the moment but grab it and enjoy it. It makes sense and could make miracles. I do believe in miracles. I believe in these moments too…

Here are the outfits. They go with surprises! So, follow the text below the photos :)

Great outfit in autumn colours: Roman Garden Dress, the soft Autumn Hug Gentle sweater, Knitted tiara и Brown Suede Bag

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Gentle and beautiful outfit with Black Flowers Dress, Autumn Pink Long Cardigan, Double buckled belt and Knitted tiara to add glam finish :)

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Oasis Flowers Dress plus Oversize short sweater Greeny - what a perfect combination, don't you think so? :)

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Outfit: Orient Spirit Dress, Autumn Hug Gentle Sweater plus Knitted tiara to add glam :)

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Outfit with the sunny City Soleil Dress, the outstanding Есенно палто Orient Gardens Autumn Coat plus Knitted Tiara

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And last, but not least, the wonderful Orange Autumn Coat, Orange Lily Dress plus Eye-catching Suede Belt - unexpectedly good combination :)

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And you should always keep in mind that a dress, sweater or cardigan can make literary thousands of variations and outfits, so go ahead and do yours :)

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And I am always available for more ideas in case you need them.