Black & White Gold Summer

A very special series of breathtaking dresses.
Extremely beautiful, elegant, different, magnetic. Whatever we say will be small, because these are not just dresses, but an experience that feels like a feast for the soul and the senses.
Precision craftsmanship and attention to detail.
For those days and evenings when you want to feel more special and unforgettable.
Inspired by the gentle glow of summer and waiting for beautiful stories.
White Gold Summer dress - beautiful puff sleeve, collar and cut. Extremely soft and pleasant to the touch cotton, which caresses and makes the dress even more pleasant to wear.
Black Gold Summer dress - sleeveless, beautiful collar, perfect length and cut.
White Gold Summer dress in a lovely loose midi cut.
Black Gold Summer dress with a beautiful stand collar, short sleeve and veils at the bottom.
Black Gold Summer dress with lovely sleeve, collar and length, lovely cut and extremely comfortable.
Black Gold Summer dress in a wonderful loose midi cut.
For a complete look and even more shine, we add the charming and neat Shiny bag
And I'm sure that each of you will add to it your irreplaceable charm, beauty and magic.
I wish you a magical time, beautiful stories and an unforgettable Golden Summer.
With love!