Happy Shoes, Happy Summer

Yes, shoes for summer. And yes, to a happy summer!
These are our new summer shoes, which, apart from the slippers we've been offering for two summers, are an absolute debut for Plámenna. Which, in turn, is a super exciting, full of enthusiasm and joy moment, my hands are sweating :)
The idea matured for a long time and it took some time and courage to realize it, because we wanted them to be not only comfortable, light and well-made, but also to have a beautiful design, colors and materials that would synchronize and flow perfectly with the summer looks, which we will offer you. And I believe it worked. We have color, design, strength and most importantly for a shoe - comfort. They combine swing and lightness, which is the second most important thing in a shoe.
We really hope you like them and wink, conquer your summer dreams with them, "tear them off", and we will expect you to tell excitedly afterwards all the adventures and stories you have experienced.
Super fresh, in a lovely color and with laces that we can let our imaginations run wild :)
Soft and fine inside, light and very, very comfortable. I say this from personal experience.
Their other color for fans of the darker range.
Clog style summer slippers in captivating orange color and fierce shape and design.
Extremely light, for this type of shoe/slipper, this is of prime importance, very comfortable heel/platform, soft and caressing coating - inside and out.
Their other color is also TOP. We are even in a dilemma as to which color we like the most, although they are all fierce (not only in the photo :))
High platform/heel espadrilles in soft color and feminine design. They give the figure a slender and elegant posture. Neat, beautiful and elegant.
For variety, we've added those with cappuccino laces who shared that they can't wait to wear them. They take the shape of the ankle perfectly, and the laces add grace. They don't need anything else. Ooo, no, sorry, they remind us that they need a dress and a smile :)
Ehhh, how about these adorable Dancing Queen ballerinas in this gorgeous color?! Whatever it is, it will be a little bit. They're really super, super cool, they stick perfectly to the foot, they're beautiful, and of course, I'm going to repeat myself, but yeah, they're damn comfortable. Accent snake skin type relief. They love to tell you that they love dancing, that's why we gave them this name :)
On that note, congratulations on ABBA's song of the same name.
I'm not sure about you, but we even danced it :)
Dancing Queen in sky blue soft color.
Dancing Queen in the beautiful orange tile color.
We all love them so much already that to be honest, if we had to choose it would be an overwhelmingly difficult task :)
We strongly hope that each of you will recognize both style and color in them and wear them with joy and love.
We wish you a fun, memorable, beautiful and fiery summer and we will be waiting for photos, you know :)
With love!
All summer shoes are of Spanish origin.
The numbers correspond to standard European numbering.