Boho Summer, Boho Shoes!

Summer is coming, girls, and what!

Our bohemian summer collection is ready and as we mentioned that there will be surprises, we are super happy to present you something completely new for the brand, namely - the line of boho slippers and sandals. The idea was born a long time ago and it was just a matter of time before we realized it. I admit that, like any new endeavor and beginning, I was a little shy, worried and insecure and I kept asking myself: what if they don't like each other, if it doesn't work out ?! But in such moments it always helps me, and I know from experience that when you work hard and it is done with love, it will work! Well, I hope so and I believe that not only do you like them, but you will trust them, and they in turn will make you happy during the warm months, will bring that boho pinch of color and mood in your everyday life and you will wear them with a smile and joy.

Shoes, whether summer slippers, sandals or other, are a special material and category and I personally took this task seriously and super responsibly by including them, because a shoe, above all, should be comfortable, relatively light, grab a design and to be quality, of course. And this is not easy to achieve and it was a challenge to meet all these criteria. I hope we did!

The models are made entirely in Italy with hands and a lot of heart and we believe that they cover everything you need for a shoe - from design, strength and lightness, to quality, fabrics and color.

The sandals!

So comfortable! I was enchanted when I first put them on. Super light - like a feather, and the rope part looks charming and beautiful, even sexy. They combine with ease, go with almost everything in the wardrobe and most importantly - give a great accent. Oh, let's not forget, the rope part is also made of recycled polyester. As you know, we care a lot about these things.

The Slippers!

Ohh, I don't know which ones are my favorites, slippers or sandals ... maybe slippers are an idea more casual, casual and have that carefree bohemian and adventurous look and way of life. All models have a great ribbon at the top, which gives them super charm and vision. The cover is cotton and extremely soft and pleasant to the touch.

Find your model of sandals or slippers here. For happy, comfortable and wonderful summer days!

* All models are in a limited series and meet European standards and numbering.