Linen Love

We adore linen. That is why it is definitely present in our collections. Flax is extremely pleasant to the touch and highly preferred on warm days. Beautifully falling on the body, neither too light nor too heavy. So characteristic and comfortable. It brings that coziness and feeling of summer, timelessness, lightness, on a quiet hot afternoon with a straw hat by a beautiful beach. Radiating aristocracy and free thought.

Practical and suitable for travel, vacation, sea days and evenings in the city, working, resting. We can wear it anywhere, anytime. Yes, that's flax! That's why we love him so much.

And did you know that flax is very strong and durable? Interestingly, it has special bacteriological properties. A natural antiseptic that kills bacteria and prevents them from living on it. It is made of cellulose fibers and fibers extracted from the stems of the flax plant, from which the fabric is woven. It is difficult to get dirty, does not form hairy balls, easily absorbs water and dries easily. In fact, flax is most strong and durable when wet. It is resistant to cooking, but it is recommended to wash at low temperatures because it shrinks.

It combines super easily with everything that makes it unpretentious and wonderful. In a combination of wide linen pants or a loose linen dress, a straw hat, a knitted bag and a sandal, we can spend the whole summer. And we will not get bored.

That's why, girls, we prefer the caressing linen fabric for the summer. Because we respect our body, we always want to radiate that freedom and independence, which we believe are also our moral values. We also believe that spirit and matter must go hand in hand. That the garment is not an end in itself, but our spiritual business card. So do not hesitate to wear linen.

Shop wisely and with pleasure!

With Love❣️