"Fall In Love" with Rhodopes Part I

Already at the beginning of last week, meekly and comfortably, the idea of ​​a trip through the Rhodopes took root in my head and did not come out of there. It even unfolded so strongly and overwhelmed me that on Thursday night I barely fell asleep from excitement. I'm like this, what should you do? I had already told my boy about "my plan", who with just one nod said: we're doing it! How can I not love him later, tell me?! :)

Three days off, a holiday at that, I have freed myself from all commitments (we often work on weekends as well), the weather is wonderful, and my soul longs for travel, mountain air, endless expanse and beauty, for stories...

Besides, during the week I had already shared in the office about my longing for the Rhodope and there was a terrible euphoria among dresses, vests, jackets and whatever else you can think of. They all felt like traveling lol. The dresses, like mistresses, immediately took first place, but the knitwear seriously rebelled against them, that it was not only dresses that could be talked about, autumn is coming, and they needed warm and tender hugs to give, that's why they were created anyway. They are right, I agreed with them. I hastily put order and discipline between them, judged without much thought who would be the winner, diligently prepared and put them in the car, stretched out on the back seat, almost like living beings.

We are already traveling. We listen to music in the car and enjoy the quiet weather - pastoral, humble and autumn recessed .

After about 5 hours of driving, we are already in Zlatograd. I've never been here before, we've been to other parts of the Rhodopes, but as soon as I entered the town, I already knew I liked it.

I can barely take pictures and I'm super happy. We catch a festive time, people in costumes, guests of the city, mood, well, what can I tell you, everything is great. This is exactly what I needed.

I pass them on the street, I can't help but tell them that they are very beautiful, and they, seeing that I am about to photograph them, immediately strike a pose :)

Cuties :)

They were happy to be noticed, we exchanged a few words about the city, the holiday and life in general, and my soul is filled.

We make an excited tour of the city, I buy an accessory as a souvenir, we have a quick bite to eat, I take some more pictures, and time moves on, even it's a little wobbly , because we have no idea where we'll spend the night. One of my favorite moments when traveling is that playful adrenaline all the time: not having an exact plan and not knowing where we will spend the night :)

It turns out that everything in the area is full. Therefore, we leave the outskirts of the area and decide to drive to another Rhodope area, never mind that it's getting dark soon.

Meanwhile, on the way, I can't stand it, slip on my boot and we quickly go down to photograph the great Londonize Dress-Shirt , which I imagined exactly like this, and she said that she likes it a lot :)

Best of all, it looks equally good as a dress or a shirt. With jeans, without jeans, with a belt, without a belt, unbuttoned, buttoned up... whatever :) And the mountain suits her so well, ahhh!

You will find it here.

Fox leather belt

It's like they were made for each other, especially in this atmosphere :)

Turn after turn, it's now dark enough outside that we can only see what the car's headlights illuminate, the range is completely lost, but not the enthusiasm. We drive for about an hour and a half along the winding mountain road, surrounded by mighty pine forests, until we reach Yablkovets and a wonderful place where we will spend the night, not anywhere, but in the body of an old military truck converted into a bungalow. As soon as I heard it, my eyes lit up and I said to myself: This is it!

Cool huh?

In the morning, majestic hills opened before us with little houses perched here and there, an incredibly beautiful sight, and astronomically, autumn had already come.
I inhaled deeply and gave thanks for this moment as I exhaled.
Breakfast, coffee, a quick chat with a handsome canine and we're already in the car, ready for the new day.

We played cool jazz in the background and a favorite act that played a particularly important role when we met. I don't know why I'm sharing this with you, the impulse of writing I guess :)

We travel, turn after turn, breathtaking views, great weather and the magic of the Rhodope mountain, which has completely conquered us already.

And whoop, Devil's Bridge!

We walk almost ceremoniously towards it, parked a little further up to the side, and as I take my first photo, I hear: Hello, Plámenna Boutique!

I look over and see a familiar face, but I'm still not sure about him. A few seconds pass and I'm hooked. My boy joins in too: Ah, isn't that Plamena Draganova? (A regular customer of ours, whom we have written and heard from on the phone, but never seen in person, only in photos.)

We meet her husband and their beautiful daughter, a nice chat in short (I realize now that we should have spent more time together), wishes for a nice weekend and each to their own.

Plamena, if you are reading these lines, you should know that it was extremely nice for us to meet and get to know each other, especially in such a beautiful place.

Me, after I've been excited and excited enough, I've put on a dress and I'm ready for exploits :)

The super fresh Dress Autumn Attraction ...

...in the company of the great and soft Soft & Green Cardigan

The good news is that they liked each other so much that they want to give you a -15% discount.
Details of the entire set can be seen here.

We take as much as we can of the magic of this magical place with us, we fill our souls to last us for a long time and we leave.

We travel and stop where our eyes can see. God, how beautiful, vast, rich and interesting nature we have. Every time we travel to the homeland, I am amazed at what a paradise we were born into. If only we appreciated and protected it more...

We pass and have a wonderful walk around Orlovi skali, and the road and mountain lead us to Ardino, where we decide it's time for lunch.

A very beautiful, neat and picturesque town.

We come across a completely random, unsightly place at first glance, we order meatballs, kebabs, tomatoes, toast, hot peppers, drinks. Bill - BGN 14. I still can't believe it.
Well, here I can't miss and not say that this was one of the tastiest grills we've tried, and I got so mad with the peppers that I can still taste them :)

After a delicious lunch, we enter a local cafe, the owner welcomes us, happily pours two short Italian coffees and begins moabeth. Two others inside are watching Turkey-Japan volleyball on a couch. They are excited. They join the conversation after a minute or two: about the roads, about the governors, about the weather, how is it in Sofia, a little about Fandakova, how is it with them, etc., etc.

It was very nice! I didn't even want to go...

Did I mention that time feels like it stands still, but in a good way?!

We get into the car and gas. The Rhodopes and its gentle folds in places like silk are calling us!

I already have a new set. I made promises and I keep my word :)

This short green sweater is so cool and goes with everything so easily, I can't wait to wear it this season. Both in the mountains and in the city.

Sweater Green

The lovely Autumn Spirit Denim Dress

And here you get -15% discount for the whole set. They don't want to be separated either, they want to stay together :)

See details here.

I ran on the bridge, I was happy like a child, we took pictures, and the view around is stunningly beautiful...
Dad loved to go fishing, a lot. That's why I'm so sensitive when I see a man with a fishing rod, especially around his age.
So, sitting, waiting for the catch, immersed in the water, its power and magic that attracts like a magnet.

Here we stopped the car a little lower, that it was not convenient on the bridge, I ran back and panted to them: can I take a picture of you?

And they with a smile; of course you can!

I told them about my father, I couldn't hold back, I even burst into tears, and they nod their heads in understanding. A minute of silence followed, and the three thought. They asked where we came from, where we were going. I shared, I even told them about the meatballs and kebabs at Ardino, lol. They agreed unanimously. It was a nice story. I had a little more time left with them, but... I had to go.

To be continued....