"Fall In Love" with Rhodopes Part II

We continue with the Rhodope fairy tale... (If you missed part one - here it is )

After this nice, if brief encounter with the fishermen on the bridge, I jump back in the car and off we go. After some driving, not knowing exactly where we were headed, we reach the "Kaleto" fortress. We have a journey up, a climb, but we know that the views that will open before us are worth it and we don't think about it at all. We climb, stop, rest, climb again until we reach the top, where you forget to breathe, not from the fatigue, but from the beauty that opens before you. Indescribable.

We're back in the car. Sweaty, tired, but satisfied. We had a great time up there, I ran and jumped on a wide green meadow on the way down, I shouted and grabbed from the nature around with handfuls... good for the city :)

We decide it's only right to pay tribute to Smolyan and greet him with a quick tour. Said, done.

The day is drawing to a close, it seems, and we again do not know where we will spend the night.

We leave in the direction of the village of Gela, where we arrive enthusiastically, with the hope that our place is there. It's already dark outside and you can't see anything. We wind down a narrow path, barely a car passes, to reach a lovely house at the top of the village, in which it turns out they have only one room left. Can you imagine? She was waiting for us. I felt very good, because once again we proved to each other that fate knows its business. We just need to have a little more trust in her and a handful of courage.

We are greeted by incredibly nice and kind people who manage the house, accommodate us, and we are ready to collapse into bed and just fall asleep. That's how it happened :)

In the morning...

I open my eyes shortly after sunrise, jump out of bed, eager to see everything around...

Oh my God!

Good morning World! Good morning, Life! Good morning, Rhodope mountain!

Thank you!

Begom downstairs for coffee and breakfast in the courtyard.

In the kitchen of the house, life has been boiling for a long time, breakfasts are being prepared, pancakes are being fried, pies are being baked, coffee and tea are being made and there is a wonderful homely and cozy noise... All this reminds me of family mornings in the village. Grandma around the stove, mom, dad, aunt, cousins, my uncles, all together...

Ohhh, I'm going to cry again...

I'm going back to the softies. Divine!

After the abundant and delicious breakfast, with a full stomach and a full soul, we say goodbye to our people, thank them for the wonderful weather and hospitality and leave.

We arrive at Shiroka Luka. The day has decided to give us beautiful weather and has filled the air with love.

We take a coffee, a walk, photos and back in the car.

Meanwhile, on the way to the Trigrad gorge, we decide to walk through the wild meadows that accompany us and get some air, and the Fall Special denim jacket didn't stop waving at me from the back seat. As I told you in the first part of our story, I made promises and I must keep them :)

He said he wanted me to add a scarf, the environment demanded it.

I say to myself: bray, whims, miracles, but can I refuse?!

The truth is, it turned out great! At least we think so :)

Fall Special denim jacket

Amazing, isn't it?

I didn't want to leave this meadow. It was perfect for a lavish picnic and carefree toasting in the sun all day :)

I know, all I'm missing is a picture of a beautiful horse, but...next time, I promise :)

We are traveling to the Trigrad Gorge now. The environment around us completely changed its appearance and it was as if we entered a completely different reality.

We didn't miss the Devil's Throat cave, which is phenomenal, we bought tea to take home from a very old and kind grandfather for BGN 2.50, carefully packed in a bag with a description and a phone number to contact him, we admired the majestic view that surrounded us and with a little sad that the day passes so quickly, we are back in the car.

We are going to the Dospat Dam.

I enter the frame again, this time hugged by a wonderful, warm and soft cardigan :)

Shiny Autumn cardigan

And she asked for a scarf.

We put it on her :)

I don't feel like going, not at all, but I have to.

We have a long way to go, Monday is now filled with tasks and work.

We do a few more laps around the dam and exit the area to head home...

So, fiery girls…

Hope you enjoyed reading. Traveling with us too.

It was a real pleasure for me, as always!