Love is in the air

I walk into work this morning and there is a special energy in the air, a tickle even.
I pass a man of about 70+ with a fierce wild bouquet, smiling, walking briskly to please "his girl" probably. I said to myself: beauty!
Girls are giggling sweetly at the traffic lights at 5, each holding a tulip, reddened cheeks and some beauties... Beauty! - I said to myself.
Elegant young man in front of an administrative building with a huge bouquet and an ear-to-ear smile, excitedly waiting for the runner in high heels babe to him. A hug and kiss follows. I said to myself: beauty!
And so on and so forth…
And yes, it is more important what happens and what we are like during the rest of the time, not only today, but I am reflecting on something else now: how little is needed to make it so good!
And that special energy in the air is called Love ❤️
Happy holiday, fiery girls!
With love,