Be Plámenna & Strong

Girls, I go straight to the point, because the topic is serious enough and has been pressing in our society for a long time..

We are very happy to share with you, in the month of November, together with you we will support our friends from the Future Perfect Foundation, who have developed a Viber bot for prevention of domestic abuse in Bulgaria, named "Strong". The bot offers safety advice, specific instructions for issuing a request for protection, quick access to round-the-clock telephone lines and contacts of all centres in Bulgaria, where people who have suffered from domestic abuse can seek protection. "Strong" can be found at: or by searching for "Strong" in the Viber app for Android, iOS and desktop computers.

The problem of domestic abuse was particularly acute during the COVID-19 pandemic. An average of 73 signals per day for domestic violence are received on number 112 throughout the country, according to data from the Ministry of Interior for the first six months of 2021. In July 2021 their number doubled the number of signals to phone 112 related to cases of COVID-19.

Силна Viber Chat Bot

As a brand, from the bottom of our hearts, and especially as people who care about what is happening behind the thick walls of our seemingly cozy homes, enter boldly, with faith and hope that even with small steps, we can help. And why not change the reality that surrounds us for the better. So, from every order placed in Plámenna Fashion Boutique in November, 3% of its value will go as a donation to the Future Perfect Foundation. The amount raised will be used to promote and develop Strong, as well as other initiatives of the Foundation, related to the fight against domestic abuse. In mid-December, we will announce the total amount of the donation.

Let's unite in a meaningful cause, because it makes sense, and because the women-power has no limits! And because we believe that beauty and aesthetics can go hand in hand with serious social causes.

We hope that you personally are not a victim of domestic violence, but if you know about your friends, acquaintances or relatives, you can send them the link to "Strong" and help them defend themselves.