Colours Of Spring

A nice Italian song is playing on the radio. I listen in silence as we move in the car, the early sun hinting at a wonderful day (hopefully a warm one) and trying to tell the fluffy fog that has wrapped itself like cotton around the Tuscan vine lanes and slender cypresses that it's time to rise already. The day begins. A beautiful moment sealed in my mind, although my heart and soul tremble with worry, fatigue, doubts, fear. Photos are waiting for us. A dozen beautiful dresses, diligently ironed by me at 12 midnight (I was so happy with them while ironing them, I even talked to them), placed with dignity on hangers in the back of my car whisper that they want to see the world already. I wink at them confidently and with a smile I assure them that I will do my best to make dreams come true, to travel, to delight, to bring comfort and beauty to everyone they touch.

Next moment. I'm dying for coffee. I find hope in it that it will give me the strength and charge that I need right now. I'm sipping. Delicious! Italians know these things, in fact, they know everything - from architecture, wine, food, music, to cinema, textiles, fashion, art...

Another moment passes, I look at the clock, 9:30, the fog lifts, and I realize that neither coffee nor any other nutritional power will help me overcome all the challenges, only the love and passion for what I do and the drive to prove to myself that I can achieve what I want. I know from mom that the result and the satisfaction of the finish should drive you, not getting stuck in the difficulties and cycling over them. Often the most beautiful things are born, precisely then. They are the arrow that pushes us towards development, improvement and teaches us patience and perseverance. I apply it and it helps me. Thanks Mom! If you are reading this, know that you have the greatest credit for everything! I love you very much!

Next moment. We are working. I'm even having fun. I even manage to drool, I danced in the street, I giggled and all that kind of shenanigans. I know them :) Last day we had a fight in the morning because there was nowhere to park due to traffic, we had an awful lot of work to do, we got nervous and it was electrifying. I'm Fiery, I light the fire from time to time. Good to have someone to put up with me when I'm flaring up, hahaha. I thank him too.

Spring Fiesta dress

I remember the picture with the baguette. Most of you have probably seen it. A typical Italian shop with a beautiful authentic window and entrance. I am grabbed by the inscription on top: founded 1855. I twist around it, stick to the display case, and from the side, without expecting it, the device starts to click. I give him a smile from mine, turn around a little more, and a voice is heard from inside, telling me something unclear. They are messing with me about the pictures maybe. We decide to go in and see what they have to offer anyway. We are greeted by a smiling father and son. How do I know? They're just too similar not to be. With a junior, we start a conversation in wonderful English, and with a senior, we drive him in broken Italian. I have to enroll in a course and speak normally now, I tell myself. We quickly grab a baguette because we have work to do, we pay, we smile, we say Grazie and Ciao a few times and we leave, and I am left with a warm and pleasant feeling after this short meeting with them.

Spring Carnival dress

Next moment. It is already late afternoon and it feels like the sunset is impatiently trying to color and we realize that we haven't eaten anything all day and we are terribly hungry. Everything in the food court is closed by 7pm and we don't have the time or energy to look for anything yet. We get into the car, nice Italian music is playing on the radio again. We grab the baguettes and begin to break silently and impatiently. I thought about it at that moment, realizing how good we had it. The two of us, the dresses in the back, with the small difference that they already have pictures, a delicious baguette that we will remember and good Italian music.


While it's hectic and we're numb from work, we often don't realize how many stories lie behind everything we do. Sometimes pleasant, other times not so much. The journeys, the work process, the people we interact with and work with. Last time we brought one of our suppliers lokum. Why exactly lokum? That's all there was at the airport :) Well, they were very touched, they were happy, they eagerly opened the box and they liked it. Or the 150 euro fine in Slovenia for an expired vignette. This is the second time we do this number. It's funny to me now, it wasn't to me then. Oooh, and another €48 for wrong parking in Pisa from the last few days. Or the van on one particular street with awfully delicious burgers. We always stop by and they already know us - nice people who we also speak ridiculously broken Italian to, but we and they both find it charming. Every time we leave there, I feel like I'm saying goodbye to friends, not strangers.

Ohhh, I guess I did, huh?

Let me say a few words about the collection anyway.


A magical world with the scent of spring, lots of color and captivating airiness. We thought for a long time about what to name her, we went through different names, stages, but in the end it stuck with this. We celebrate colors and we love them, you know. The most beautiful, fresh and colorful time of the year is coming - spring. Let's celebrate it!

We have done our best to please you with a variety, quality, sustainable and natural fabrics, in which you will feel comfortable and wear with joy for a long time. From shirts full of freedom and freshness, to great colorful pants with belts, skirts and dream dresses. Of course, we haven't forgotten to refresh the Accessories , Bags and Belts collections to add a touch of luxury to your look .

Orange Boho Shirt

Orange jeans

Spring Coral trousers

Blue Marine Oversize Shirt

Blue Lagoon necklace

Spring Candy Dress

Gypsy Soul Dress

So girls, the dresses are now on their way to you too. Why am I always talking about dresses? Because they are my favorite! I hope they are more beautiful than you imagined. Let there be magic, charge, magic, fragrance of spring, and you captivate with them and enjoy them.

Check out the whole collection here if you haven't already :)

Love from me!