Warm & Cozy

Hey girls!

I open the white paper and I don't know where to start. I look out the window to find the overwhelming wave of words to express exactly what I'm feeling right now and I see autumnal magic that has taken over everything around me. How beautiful. What a harmony of iridescent colors. A great artist is nature, great! And how everything gets quieter, with each passing day. Nature "shuts down", goes into rest mode to hide completely during the coming winter, This happens to us - humans too, I think. Literally and figuratively. In search of a place to hide in warmth, to snuggle up, in search of harmony and comfort - physical and mental. Switching to winter mode. And ready for a change. In reme to turn to self. At least that's how it is for me. I want to quiet down and open my senses to everything that cannot be seen with the eyes, but can only be felt with the heart.

Photo from the last few days. Walk to Vitosha and the village of Septemvri. There were several cats in Pripek, who did not refuse attention :) I love cats :) And the autumn up there is divine! It takes your breath away, but not from the fatigue of climbing mountains, but from the beauty of autumn and the stunning palette. I'm here with the Warm & Cozy Down & Feather Jacket . We haven't had a product like this before and this is something of a debut. I'm excited for him. Will it be appreciated. I hope you like it, because it's great - warm, extremely pleasant to the touch, in a wonderful color and perfect for girls who like this style. And it goes for both the city and the mountains, travel, walks, etc.


And getting to the point, it's no accident that we named our autumn-winter collection Warm & Cozy. Not only because of the seasonal theme. And because our models embody style and character, in harmony with the softness, warmth, coziness and comfort that we need every day. And not only. She is the personification of an inner state, feeling and need. Striving to feel comfortable and sink into ourselves, the way we sink into a nice and soft sweater, to accept ourselves (ohhh, it's so hard sometimes, huh?!), to smile, despite all the failures, mishaps, disappointments, difficulties and attacks of life and past mistakes. It's a cliché, someone will say. It is so, only if it is empty words, I say. To be honest with you, there were moments with this collection where I surprised myself. At first I had foreseen specific thematic things, but completely different things happened, due to a complete improvisation, a flair, driven by a desire for a completely open, natural vision that says: HERE I AM! THIS IS ME! And once again I proved to myself that we should follow the impulses that lead us, not to underestimate them, not to be afraid, to trust them. Separately, the idea of ​​returning to a favorite place and city - Veliko Tarnovo - captivated me. I lived there for 6 whole years, actually, some of my best years. And sentimentality hit me to the point of pain. I cried, of course. Another self, another life, another reality and universe. And turning back, turning to myself to look at myself through my present eyes, I saw the path I had traveled over the years. And I realized how much I had changed. Ooh, yeah. I saw a fragile girl, an idealist and a dreamer, who believed naively in everything around him, like in a romantic story or a movie, turned into a brave one, who went through fire and water to make several dreams come true, to love madly, to be thankful for everything he has today, to stand up, not to be afraid to say what he thinks and not to pay too much attention to whether it will be liked or not. To stay with two or three friends, but the right ones and above all - to not stop looking for yourself. And yes, a girl who still believes in miracles. And to tell you the truth, I am grateful to him for allowing the current girl to be able to openly write these lines. It is good for a person to return to his roots, to his former self and never forget who he was, where he came from, what he went through and what he experienced.

And I'm going through the gist again, because I want and am eager to share with you a little more about the Warm & Cozy collection. A lush, super colorful, rich and actually our biggest collection to date. We have chosen the fabrics very carefully to be mostly natural, of high quality and performance, so that you feel really good in them and I dare say that a good collection has come out. And most importantly, I feel satisfied with myself. There is a lot to be desired, perhaps, but personally I am interested in the overcoming of difficulties, the path we travel, the self-proving, the process, the wandering, the finding, the realization of ideas, and what we leave behind. Hopefully those are your smiles, snuggled up in a warm and soft coat or sweater, accessorized for opulence, walking briskly and confidently. We hope our models bring you real pleasure, wear them with pleasure and really love them. For example, I have a special relationship with my clothes, and they are not just a necessity and a vision for me, but much more. They are memories, stories, emotions. I love them.

I'll start with the coats, because they are particularly special to me. The coats are made of great premium wool with admixtures of angora, alpaca and natural viscose. The favorite puff sleeve, loose fit and lots of color. I've also added leather accessories to some to enhance the look and dare I say I really like them that way. Hope you too :) Here are a few:

Winter Fuchsia coat.

Yes, I know someone will say that the market is full of colorful "coats", but this here is not just a "coat" with color for one winter, but for several seasons at least. It has a great fit and look. It makes sense to invest in a beautiful and stylish coat, quality and natural fabrics and we believe in it. And it will reach you ecologically, with lots of love, carefully packed and pockets full of poetry and romance :)

Here are a few more:

Winter Cappuccino Coat

High Society coat

The jewel in this collection! A great coat down to the smallest detail. From the button, through the lining, to the collar and pockets. Super special and limited edition.

Winter Knits Oversize Coat

Parisian Green coat

You can see all the coats here.

I eagerly move on to the Jackets category, because for the first time we have such winter additions. Here are a few:

Warm & Cozy jacket with down and feather filling. Windproof. Oversize cut - voluminous and loose. Extremely comfortable and damn nice to the touch.

Evergreen Long Jacket

Winter Jewel Oversized Jacket

See all jackets here.

The knits, voluminous sweaters and soft cardigans we can't live without. And in this collection also some great knitted dresses.

Oversized sweater Lilla Snowflake

Warmy Days Knitted Dress

Long knitted dress Gentle Pink

Cozy Polo Sweater

See all knits here .

We also included some great, very comfortable and nice jeans, we haven't had them in a long time, as well as the modest two models of soles, but on the other hand they are wonderful.

Green Love salt

Jazzy Green Denim Skirt-Pants

See all skirts and pants here.

So, dear girls, if you've made it this far, then I haven't bored you after all :) Thank you! It means a lot to me that you're here, really.

Ooh, I was totally going to miss out on a Bags and Belts category with great design and craftsmanship.

HIGH QUALITY LEATHER PRODUCTS, which you can see here.

In order not to become boring, I leave you a linkhere to look at the other models from the Warm & Cozy collection, if you haven't.

That's it from me for now :)