Italy - the mecca of textiles

       Italy!  I immediately exclaim, “Ooo, Italy! So beloved!”

      I had promised that I would write a few words about our travels to Italy and the selection of our collections, patterns and fabrics - the mecca of textiles, as I have named it.

Italy is beloved, tireless, beautiful, colorful, sunny, hospitable, cozy in its own way and so loved by everyone. As many times as I have visited her, every meeting is always different, unique, memorable, wonderful.....As if it were the first time.... Italy is multi-faceted, distinctive and unique in many ways, and Italians are good at fashion, food, the architecture, their wines are wonderful, the nature is more than beautiful, a country of water, they don't lack temperament, music too... in general, Italy is just a paradise, sunny, colorful, with clear air and cheerful people.

      However, the reason for our visits recently has a slightly different flavor than the usual leisurely and sunny days where you wander the streets with an ice cream in hand, enjoying the beautiful scenery, narrow cobbled streets, or enjoying wonderful wine and dizzyingly delicious pasta.

      In fact, they are journeys with a mission and ambition, with a tiring passage across several borders and a long drive without a break, but we look at them always with a smile, a slight adventurous touch and lots and lots of love. We are following the intended goal…..

       The direction we are chasing is the Tuscan latitudes, where we intertwine the useful with the pleasant.

       We are staying at the house of a very nice young Italian designer with whom we formed a friendship around our trip there. "Everything that happens has predetermination and meaning, charge"- I tell myself every time. Besides the magic of fashion, textiles and the opportunities each visit gives me, the people I meet, talk to, work with... I also get valuable lessons, useful practices and every time I leave more enriched and satisfied.

      Why do we choose this way and Italy, perhaps someone will ask? Because over the years I've made sure that I can find what I'm looking for there - quality, quality materials, attitude, variety, and the whole process surrounding our travels and work there is very exciting and for me it's an element and a love that I would hardly described in words...

     We just got back a few days ago from our last trip to Italy and we can't wait to share and show off our new fall "gold" collection. We tried to match the colors characteristic of the season, we brought in the favorite print, unconventional cuts, mix of fabrics, floral motifs, softness and warmth that will make your days warm and soft.

Expect an event on the occasion of the presentation of our new collection, which we will share with you very soon! We can't wait, hope you are too!

And don't forget to be fiery, even in autumn...🔥