Your inspiration!

Lately I've been introspective, I've looked inward at myself. I think, I analyze, I search, I observe... I look for inspiration. And just like that, suddenly, I had the urge to write something about... INSPIRATION itself. Which we can't do without. Which is that life-giving spark that kindles the fire of every creation, no matter what it is. Without it, I lose myself in the things I do. Even in the most prosaic if you will. It is my flight, my hope and faith, comfort and at the same time uneasiness, my solution for everything, my courage and incentive.

I like the synonyms that are listed in the Bulgarian interpretive dictionary of the word inspiration - ardor, flame. Very mine! They are even encoded in my name. Is it a coincidence or is it a Divine decision… The general meaning of inspiration is to take something or infuse it into the body or spirit. It originally meant to breathe, specifically to take in air by inhaling it. The other sense is to take something that causes a mental change or to cause that change in someone. It is true - both. Well, I'm excited about that.

Because social media has overflowed with messages, wise thoughts, lists and promises for 2021, and I'll skip it, not that there's anything wrong with the rest. I just run away from the cliché and ask myself, does it make sense?! For some, maybe there is, complete freedom. And I will return to inspiration, which I will replace with muse, mood, force, desire, fill, charge, fantasy, rapture, drive. Still nice words. As you read them, do they fill you with feelings?! Because I'm charging! They fill me up hard and I want to dominate them. Daily!

I am not a person of plans, although I am extremely organized, strict and orderly /I even get irritated sometimes/. I have always let myself be guided by intuition, the freedom to be able to capture the moment and get the best out of it. Of course it doesn't always work out lol. But it seems much more interesting and exciting to me. It's who I am. A dreamer, an adventurer at heart, an improviser.

Trust your heart and intuition, girls, always!

I don't start the year with a list of what I need to do or achieve, which in no way hinders me. On the contrary. I let the road lead me, let go boldly and grab handfuls. The important thing is to be healthy, do what I love and follow my desires and dreams. Anyway, plans are far from what Life gives us, don't you think?!

Let us be truly inspired, honest in our messages, let us express our thoughts and wishes not with ready-made phrases and bought words, empty of real emotions and meaning. Letting ourselves go with our natural urge, without chasing current trends to please ourselves. And honestly, I don't know how one year - another year of our life, can make us better, more inspired, if we don't achieve it ourselves with hard work, right direction, strong desire... and our own inspiration.

And in conclusion - I will not flood you with wishes for 2021, but I will list these words again: muse, mood, strength, desire, filling, charging, fantasy, rapture, drive. Your inspiration! Be!

Love from me!