2020 at a Glance

I've been thinking a lot lately about this strange and different year for all of us. I don't know if I'm being held accountable. I think we should do it. Every day, in every situation, after every change, difficulty, lesson we go through daily. So I decided to do it in front of you. What did I learn, why is all this happening to me, did it change me in any way, what did I learn, did I develop, did I become better? I ask myself these questions constantly and look for the answers, I look for the connection, the reasons, I ask myself what I have caused and what is God's predestination. I admit it - it's hard for me to find my way around sometimes. But that doesn't discourage me from searching and analyzing. I believe that everyone interprets and feels things through the prism of their worldview, upbringing and attitude.

It seems to me lately that quite a few of us can't wait to send off this year / and for good reason / but do we really know what the next one has in store for us? Hmm, I'm only going in here with faith, hope and a strong positive attitude, and time will tell.

It was a personal revelation. And now – a revelation from the world of Plámenna. Most of you probably know that we are a small family business run by me and my husband and we do everything absolutely ourselves. We both. With love, togetherness, soul and attitude to give you a different experience, not just clothes.

I would like to take stock of our past 2020. As we have communicated with you throughout the year, we have become a community, because we are united by the same attitude to life, to details, to finding our "ME", to escaping from the standard and impersonal. And it's not just a vision, right? This is a whole philosophy of life. So I decided to walk you through the past year of Plámenna . I will do this with photos of the most liked and sold models, as well as my favorites - from the beginning of the year, until now. And I want to thank you for being here and share that despite everything, our audience has grown, we have great new friends and satisfied customers. We believe that we have evolved, that we have become better, not only professionally, but also as people, that we have been able to inspire, delight and win you over. This made the past year more than successful and good for us. It was worth every effort, difficulty and persistence. THANK YOU.

We started the year like this:

We welcomed spring like this, and despite the quarantine, we managed to keep up the spirit and work at full speed:

And imperceptibly the beloved summer came, and we were so happy that we could be outside again and communicate freely:

And while we are enjoying the summer and the hot sun, it flew by like a flash and it was time for an early autumn collection:

And autumn came...

And after that and winter - time for coats with color and character:

And on the eve of the NEW YEAR 2021, I want to wish you to be mostly healthy to enjoy life, and we will be happy that it is with our products. Well-being and fulfillment of your innermost wishes, girls.