Fashion & Passion & Voyage

Hey, hey!

I really enjoy writing and sharing here. And with time even more. Open, completely natural and casual. For me, the blog is an important part of everything I do, a part of me. Because even though we don't know many of you personally, we already have a spiritual connection. And it is expressed in the fact that we have the same taste for life, the same vision for aesthetic and self-expressive. And you are very dear to me. Thank you for being here.

I am especially happy and eager to share with you what lies behind Fashion & Passion & Voyage - a collection dedicated to the passion for TRAVEL, the passion for FASHION, the passion for LIFE and everything we do. Actually, the idea came about quite by accident, as a joke, while we were talking about traveling and how much we miss normality. Everything follows its natural course, girls, and I strongly believe in that.

So, I will still briefly develop the three powers :)

FASHION - manner, norm, rule, time, rhythm. It means a mode of expression according to taste, manner of dress and behavior. An expression of the aspiration and ideal of beauty. An expression of who we are and what we are. And we strongly believe in that.

PASSION – an emotion that describes the attitude of one person to another person, object, occupation, etc. Passion is a strong feeling of attachment, dedication, enthusiasm, or special desire to do something specific. I don't know how I would exist without her, even though she bothers me
sometimes over-enthusiasm.

VOYAGE - world, new directions, cultures, colors, worlds, colorful people, languages, pleasures, food, memories, stories, mysteries, dating, friendships, bare feet, breeze, tan, emotion, charge, mystery, relaxation, sunshine, happiness , smiles, music, wealth... And most of all - a priceless journey to ourselves. It is not by chance that it is said: A man is a man when he is on the road.

That is why the models in the collection are named after world cities we have visited and those we dream of. And not only that, the name of each garment also carries the charge of the specific city. And there are those that we simply associate in our own special way with certain places. Still others remind us of a pleasant or funny story from a particular place and so...the models and their names swirled and found the right role. Completely natural.

Here are a few:

Venezia dress - romantic dress, romantic city. We took the shots around Florence, but the dress reminds me of Venice in a special way.

Here is Firenze - I have a favorite place in this city that I stumbled upon years ago. A beautiful courtyard, with green shutters on the windows and flowers, lots of flowers. And in the middle - a green bench, matching the shutters. Wonderful! This dress reminds me of that place.

Seoul jacket - we were on a Japanese wave, and from there we switched to Korean and decided that this name fits him perfectly :)

Nice dress - I have wonderful memories of Nice. I can imagine myself walking along the boardwalk happy and cheerful with an ice cream in my hand, wearing just this dress. It is super pleasant to the touch, light, airy and I personally feel very good in it. You'll know what I'm talking about if you put it on.

Osaka dress - different, atypical. We associate it with Japan. It is also available in blue and is called Tokyo. You can see it here.

Blazer Barcelona - moving to Barcelona? This great blazer proudly bears that name because it's colorful, crazy, beautiful and sexy. Just like the city. It comes in a purple version and you can see it here.

Andalucia dress - the name says it all!

Avignon shirt - ahh, this shirt is probably my favorite. In my own special way, I associate it with southern France, and Avignon is my dream. Both because of the arts festival and because of the beauty of the place and the area..there are many reasons.

It was not by chance that we decided to photograph part of the collection in Italy. It was great. If we could have shot in a few more locations, it would have been even better, but... times are complicated. We'll save that for next time.
And yes, apart from the fun part, while preparing all this, we also worked quite hard. There were difficult moments, nerves, nights in which we hardly slept, we changed concepts, visions, I still didn't like something, we quarreled, argued, drove without rest for hours. And in those moments, I imagined you walking through an unknown and beautiful place, happy, the sun caressing you, a gentle breeze playfully fluttering your favorite flame dress, which follows your every step magnetically. Beauty! Like a perfect picture from a movie... and I know it was all worth it. Here my husband joins in with the comment: you behaved again :) Noo, that's how I am.

And lastly, girls: do what you love with passion, like yourself for who you are, enjoy the beauty of life and travel as much as you can. TRAVEL and reinvent yourself!

Love from us!