I'd be lying if I said I didn't love weddings. I love them and what else………

I'm even sensitive, I don't hold back, I complain to myself and I get very excited. However, the wedding marks the creation of a new family, a new stage in life for both the woman and the man, and ... in fact, it is the most special holiday, the most exciting and ... different. In my opinion, the wedding, among other things, reflects our individuality and sense of the world in general. I suggest that we reflect on the topic - the wedding as our mirror.... is that right? I would like to direct your attention today to a wedding, a wonderful out-of-town wedding that we had the honor of attending and the memory of which will be with us for a long time.

We came to a place where time seemed to stand still and we were immersed in the greenery, beauty and peace of nature, which captured us from the moment of our arrival and which we adore, especially after a hard week at work.

/Due to the request of the newlyweds, I do not mention names and locations/

As we were among the guests who arrived as early as Friday and the event was on Saturday late afternoon, we had enough free time to enjoy the nature that surrounded us, the freshness of the greenery, the song of the crickets, the silence,  so my favorite rural idyll, as well as various activities and water sports. Some of us bravely let go, even performed excellently.

As for me - I actively rested on land and enjoyed music, sun and rosé.

Saturday was sunny, calm, fragrant and clear, full of joyful expectations and quite, quite appropriate for such a wonderful holiday. The morning was filled with laughter, casual conversation, water adventures and lots of sunshine. Some ended up with hangovers, and the wedding was barely over! The time has come for preparations and vanity.

I and a group of beauties, trusted friends of the bride, pinned our wrists in our hair, dressed up as befits a forest wedding, and drove off to the appointed wedding venue. We were real self-widows.

Everything was so wonderful. Different and inspiring. There was love and joy in the air. are the newlyweds, smiling, holding hands, happy and eager to say YES! Well, they said it! We clapped, we shouted, we rejoiced, we cried - I speak for myself...

The beautiful bride trusted us and made her choice with a lace cotton dress from Plámenna Fashion Boutique . We are glad that we became a part of her unforgettable celebration and thank her for her great taste and trust.

Some of the guests, more precisely the wonderful divas at the wedding, were extremely colorful and made an impression with our stylish products from the "Code Linen" collection , and they felt more than comfortable.

I know it from them!

So, it's time to party until the next day! You can imagine!

It was magical! Actually, weddings are all fabulous, magical. This year turns out to be a wedding boom, so they say…

I have another one coming up very soon! I will also tell about her. Wait!

And don't forget to be fiery, especially in summer!🔥