Pre-Christmas at home!

I didn't have time left from work to deal with decorations and Christmas decoration at home, but I think I still have enough time, and I try not to overdo the fuss and preparations too much, but to act by feeling, intuitively and naturally. Just what I need. Let's not forget that sometimes the holidays can turn into a real nightmare and a burden if we sink into unnecessary and unnecessary pressures to make everything perfect. Therefore, let it go...

I only miss the snow... So to complete the picture. It's winter after all.

I've made a coffee, put on some great jazz and I'm starting. I prefer the decoration to be made of natural materials and I like to make it myself. When I was a child, my father and I would go to the forest and collect fallen pine branches and pine cones, which we then used to make Christmas wreaths and decorate. It was a wonderful time. And the decoration is simple, unobtrusive, cozy and beautiful. Quite often it fits so well into the interior that it stays there all year... for example, I have a basket of pine cones that is an integral part of our home, all kinds of lights that don't come off and stay lit all year round. It's mine. I like the warmth and atmosphere it creates.

I'm sharing a few decorating ideas that you might like if you haven't created an atmosphere yet, hoping you'll like them.

And one more thing before I go on. As I mentioned above, I have never understood the excessive and exaggerated euphoria surrounding preparations for Christmas, as if we have to prove ourselves. Sometimes it can turn out to be burdensome and the beautiful holiday expectation can turn into unnecessary stress. So don't overdo it, let everything follow its natural course. Look more at the beauty of nature, communicate more with your loved ones, move with love….. Anyway, this year reminded us that we should relax, enjoy everything NOW, because the most important thing is to be healthy , to value and love our families, to be kind and grateful for everything we have. And the rest is unnecessary vanity.

From us, a wonderful, calm and warm December!