The Faces of Plámenna

       The project was born quite spontaneously. We decided to implement it and include it as an important part of the "Blog of Plámenna" and……. from our "family" in general.

     "Faces of Plámenna" includes interesting, beautiful and with their own charm and handwriting urban ladies, aesthetes. And we love exactly such people. Without a lot of powder, smiling, cheerful, natural, with personal stories and a lot of color. People who inspire.

      So each one of them holds a special place in our hearts, we love them and thank them for trusting us and being so supportive and giving.

     We will present them in the following lines both with a few words and with different visions that they themselves chose and in which they reinvented themselves.

Enjoy them!

Iana Vlach and her irresistible shots! Not only in front of the camera, he captivates us with his charisma, but also behind it. Characteristic, bold, brave. We like her a lot, we like her style, and the coat she chose from Plámenna sealed in fierce shots, for which we thank her. This girl is crazy, huh?!

Karin Okolie is an absolute inspiration in many ways and we believe that if you know her, whether from the TV screen or her Instagram account, you will agree with us. We follow her success in athletics with interest and excitement, as well as her podcast, where not only her guests are interesting, but the topics, the interview, as well as the atmosphere she immerses us in every time. Check her out in a great winter jacket that they say she fell asleep :)

Julia Petrova / its.juliapetrova is another inspiration and a young lady who we also like very much and are happy to present as the face of Plámenna. Her style is casual, natural, urban, which combines skillfully with a special charm and radiance. Look at her.

Pamela Ned or Mama Hurricane as most of us may know her is a radiant and charming lady, mother and wife who skillfully combines and captures in beautiful shots the things of life, family stories on her blog as well as on her Instagram account . See how she recognized herself in our products.

Ehhh, what a fairy tale, huh?! @valeriq.belchevska totally captivated us, we admit it. And the Firenze dress "fell to sleep" on her, like it was made for her. Valeria is a real gem and a great young lady and we are very happy that our paths crossed. You can follow her on her Instagram profile, and we promise you more fresh ideas and shots with her.

This is Donika! A client of ours, and later a friend. The clothes brought us together, we had an interesting first meeting that grew into subsequent meetings, projects and ideas. You can take a look at her Youtube channel, where I had the greatest pleasure of participating in the column "Get up close with...", for which I thank her! Great, radiant, supportive! For more cool shots, you can follow her on her Instagram account here.

It is with great pleasure that I present to you a great chick, namely Elitsa Behar or better known as @mademoisellie on Instagram. In addition to being distinguished by style, appearance and character, it is also extremely pleasant and easy to work with. The shots she took for us are brutal, and you can take a look at which products she chose.

I really like to work with people with whom we can get along with just a look (in this case, two or three words). Tsveti is just like that - a great chick with whom we made something beautiful, I believe you will agree with me. If you don't know her, you can check out her profile here.

This is the fiery Tsvetana Boneva , whom we love very much and are glad that she is part of our family. She is a sexy, stylish, intelligent, extremely interesting person with a charge and is behind the "Faces of the City" project , which we assume you know well. Here she is in a summery nautical temptation from our summer collection that looks simply amazing.

It is with great joy that we present to youBlagomira Vasileva , also known as Spring Lady on her blog. Great, super fresh, loves to travel and talks about the places she visits, as well as about the things in life. If you haven't followed her on social media yet, do it, you won't regret it. Here are some great outfits that she chose, and which she spent around the seaside this summer and in the old part of the much-loved Plovdiv, where she is actually from.

The beautiful Polly Nikolova, who captivates with a smile and radiance, and her incredible curls enchant. We love her and thank her for her support.

Our great friend Vanina Hadjiyska or known as Styleinspiratrice with her distinctive style that we adore. You can't help but notice her if you spot her on the streets of Sofia.

Anelia Krumova known as Sugarfoxy is not only extremely good at styling and knows how to dress, but also does everything from the heart, with zest, love and is very supportive and kind. We love you Annie! Here are some great moments she captured with our products. The ones in Paris are more than our favorites!

Milena from Mimisfashionmoments and this amazing cashmere coat that suits her so well!

The talented Elena Kalevska ! A beautiful and successful actress that we like and love and with whom we had wonderful moments during filming. We thank her for her support and trust.

Maria Ilieva and her wonderful blog LaMartinia is a favorite and one of the best, we have been following it for a long time, with great pleasure. And she herself is amazing, really! We admire her and love her very much! We are happy to have him as part of our family and for the support, candor and approach he has in everything he does. A true esthete and storyteller.

The project will be updated periodically, including other loved ones!

Love from us <3