Knitwear that we love so much

I last wrote on the blog sometime in August off the beach, and the only thing I saw and heard there was the endless expanse of sea and the waves that told me. Timelessness and freedom. Ehh, that was nice! But I must admit, in early September, when we returned to the city and returned to reality, I was just as excited and happy. In anticipation, charged, refreshed, with new strength, ready to meet everything that lies ahead. And of course, a new season, a new vision. It's time for a change!

It's autumn. Colorful as a rainbow and quiet as a child in a mother's arms. Warm, cozy, incomparable. And maybe there is a comparison after all ... With the warmth that envelops the body when you wear a knitted sweater or cardigan on a cool morning or autumn evening - soft and comfortable.

Knitting are so traditional in at the same time always fashionable. I can't wait to tell you why I chose to write about knitting, and the explanation is very simple - out of love for them, of course! And she was born in Sweden, where I spent some time years ago. Upon my arrival there, I was very impressed by the fashion approach of the Swedes and the way they manage to wear and combine knitting. In the north you always need something top notch, even in the warmer months. The shops offered all sorts of options and they were all wonderful. And we know the attitude of the Swedes to design, so ... I fell in love with vests and all knitting. That is why they are obligatory in our collections.

Vests !

So versatile, practical, comfortable and warm, of course. They can be worn in a dozen ways without getting bored. In combination with jeans, T-shirt > and sneakers, with poly, on dresses , under a coat and the best part is, at least for me, that it's all season. Yes exactly. Most people pull them out of the closet in the fall and return in the spring. However, I can also wear a cardigan in the summer and make the cooler evenings cozy and pleasant. The options for the vest can be very diverse - from short and long , to multi-colored vests or simpler . Personally, I bet on wider Oversize model , with dropped sleeves, and as for the length, I always have at least one short and one in the long version. Casual color dress paired with long one-color vest and Cubans or boots, for example, is my top option. But everything, of course, goes through personal approach and comfort. Here are some options.

Pullovers ! On dresses, with jeans, with sneakers, salt or simply slung carelessly over your shoulders on warmer days. There are thousands of options.

Materials are especially important. We bet on wool, mohair, cashmere. And our artificial wool, which replaces the natural one in some models, is just as good, soft and in no way inferior to the other. You know that fabrics are very important to us and we like to take care of you with quality ones. Acrylic, for example, is of high quality and strength, which in characteristics and appearance is very similar to natural wool. It does not lose its shape and withstands various weather conditions, while the garment remains warm, light, soft and gentle to the touch. Pests like moths don't prefer it, haha. Clothes made from it can be washed in warm water both by hand and in the washing machine.

A useful tip is to always pay attention to how each knitting is stored and maintained. Some fabrics are particularly sensitive and cannot be machined or dried. Do not underestimate it and take good care of the products to make you happy for a long time. To the description of each of our products you will find how to treat and maintain the respective matter.

And if you haven't reviewed our suggestions yet, do so here . Or you can find your favorite cardigan or sweater.

From us Love!