Let's have a good time, girls

Summer is about being at the beach, girls. We've had a dream for a long time. A dream of a whole summer by the sea. Not for a week, two!

And dreams are for making them come true, right?!

With good organization and desire /I admit that there were nervous moments during the preparation and the commotion surrounding the choice of the most necessary in a purely household plan, but they are probably inevitable/, we managed to "transfer" the office to a wonderful seaside place to sink in its idyllic beauty, peace and quiet. Far from the city buzz, stress and excess vanity. Barefoot, happy and carefree, childlike. Under the caressing sea breeze, before the infinity of the waves, alone with time and with yourself. We had a "screaming" need for it... But no, not so much to rest, but to merge with nature, to shake off everything unnecessary that we have burdened ourselves with, to rediscover ourselves, to recharge with the purest energy - the earth's. To meditate looking at the sea for hours on some wild and desolate beach. Alone. Not lonely. Our "quiet time". And to love. And let's thank the universe for this opportunity.

And I realize, girls, once again, how little we need to be inspired and happy. And at the same time...how little we need to...forget...In the maze of everyday life. You shouldn't!

But, on the subject. Well, we are making our dream come true!

During the day - on the beach. We are also looking for unvisited corners, we are looking and we are finding. As strange as it sounds to you. We take pictures, we rejoice, we grab with our eyes the beauty, to be there for the whole year. And we are surprised, despite the concrete, how many such places there are still on our Black Sea coast. We must not let them destroy them!

And I can't help but mention what I prefer to wear and what I feel comfortable with, because apart from swimwear, we also wear clothes from time to time :)

The floral printed linen skirt is my favorite from our summer collection, not only because it's super comfortable and beautiful, but also because it's suitable for everything - I wear it to the beach, to the city with it to run errands, to the market, to dinner ...and linen, you know, is our favorite.

The "Lady In Pink" dress is just as appropriate and comfortable. My favorite length, lightness and color of course. And it looks great on the tan.

And this fabulous vintage polka dot skirt is the highlight. Also extremely comfortable, beautiful and suitable for all occasions. Personally, I just put it on a swimsuit and I'm done. Here it is...

Let's go back to summer and the sea. But they are becoming synonyms! What do you think?! But it is a real pleasure to combine the two things - work and leisure. We manage to do it. With a lot of work when needed. Then the rest is more complete.

Now we leave you because the sea calls us. And we wish you a magical and sunny August. Make it even more colorful with our models that are also at great prices right now, check them out here .

And dream boldly, enjoy life and love yourself.

From us Love ❤️