Summer Love

I sense a quiet bossa nova creeping in from the other room and feeling super happy. The beloved got up, probably made coffee as usual. I open my eyes and see the sun creeping into the room between the white curtains. Especially beautiful view - a feeling of timelessness, an unforgettable summer day, happiness. I feel even more pleasant. I realize that my day is full of obligations and I can do whatever I want. Yes! I lie down for a few more minutes. The smell of coffee enchants me already and I am dying for the first favorite sip, so I jump out of bed nimbly and head to the other room. I also crave a kiss.

The day continues on the beach, walking around the rocks nearby in a favorite dress with which the wind flirts, because he also likes her charisma, breathtaking beautiful views, fruits and a book in which to immerse myself all afternoon on the sand. Hmmm ... did you dream? I will! All this comes together in one word, fiery girls - summer, summer ...

Hmmm ... have you started dreaming? I did! All this comes together in one word, fiery girls - summer, summer ... 



The last few days have been terribly difficult, but good ones always come after them, right? Today I am excited because only now I manage to relax, look at things from the side and realize how much work has passed through our hands and I am satisfied, satisfied. I guess you remember I'm talking about our new collection Summer Love. I will not flood you with unnecessary words about her, that I will become banal and annoying. I will rather leave it to you to judge, feel and touch - each in his own way. I will only add that a lot of love is hidden behind it, even in a tear from time to time when the tension escalates. And my desire for rich, exotic, sexy on the one hand and gentle, ethereal, feminine on the other, at least for me, came true. We have carefully selected the materials to be light, comfortable, breathable and completely natural. And the names of all the models we tried not only to fit, but most of all to take you to the dream summer, in which you are the main character. I hope you rediscover yourself in this boundless Summer Love wave, to follow the summer wind and gust, to give you courage and confidence, because what is outside is a reflection of what is hidden inside. Unfold, relax, let the diva in you (I believe we all carry one in us), rejoice, dare to rediscover yourself every day, to experiment, but most importantly to be natural and swim in their waters. Of course, I remind myself of all this :) 

Have a wonderful summer, full of & nbsp; lots of sun, love, beautiful stories and a pinch of magic. 





 One of my favourite - River Goddess Dress


Seems this one is my favourite too - Ocean Butterfly Dress



Summer Fairy Dress


The most comfortable Hello Summer Jumper


You may already know, but I love dresses with a bare back. And this is wonderful Sexy Blue Dress 


Ocean Siren Dress-skirt 


Fabulous and romantic Summer Love Dress 


Sailor Blue Dress-shirt


And a glamorous dress, great for a sea party with a cocktail .

Ocean Party Dress 


Young & Sexy Dress 


I leave you now to look at the whole collection тук, and soon I will share with you more. 

And don't forget to be passionate, especially in the summer!