Linen Love

Linen! Yes, we love it very much!

Since we have existed as a brand, linen has always been part of our collections. And as we have said many times, it is a style and a way of life for us. From dresses, tunics, shirts and skirts, to accessories and bags. Also, you know how many benefits flax has. It is characterized by a high degree of strength and endurance. In addition, it is resistant to dirt and odors. It is easy to wrinkle, as it does not stretch much, but we also like it crumpled, because it suits this aristocratic slight negligence with a straw hat in hand (maybe a cocktail). Hypoallergenic, antibacterial, breathable and light natural fabric. 

You can read a little more about linen here, so as not to repeat myself, and now I am eager to share with you about Linen Love our collection this summer as well. Every year it bears this name because flax is love. 

We tried to have diversity, color and freedom, even bare shoulders :)




The wonderful Ethno Summer Dress - great, comfortable and extremely beautiful linen dress with ethnic motifs.


Blue Regatta Dress


Linen Love Dress - classy and elegant



Peach Margarita Tunic-dress - great color, cut and look. We wear it as a dress, shirt, and in combination with belt  and looks perfect :) 


Siesta Beach Dress - our favorite bare shoulders, gentle and in great color. We also like it in combination with belt, also made from linen :) 


Minty Mojito Dress - color, great front pockets and charming sleeves.

And her name, her name betrays memorable summer days and evenings :) 


Ocean Marble dress   - delicate, in a beautiful color and a really great cut :) 


See all models from the collection Linen Love here

And let it be an unforgettable summer!